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Unit Directory

Department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering

Office :   C-522
Pavilion :   Principal
Phone :   (514) 340-4257
Fax :   (514) 340-3981
Email :   cgm@polymtl.ca
Web site :   http://www.polymtl.ca/cgm

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To reach a 4-digit number, first dial 340-4711 Tél. (514) Local


Director [expertise] Millette, Louise 4257 C-522.1
Assistant to the Director, Administration Tocco, Claudia 4948 C-522.2
Executive Secretary Calafato, Chantal 4257 C-522
Officer, Administrative Affairs Paquin, Lilia 4416 C-522

 Undergraduate Programs

Coordinator, Civil Engineering (undergraduate level) [expertise] Desjardins, Raymond 4505 B-424.2
Secretary Benhamida, Louisa 4228 B-342.2
Secretary Brouillette, Manon 4228 B-342.2
Secretary Mompoint, Margareth 3355 B-342.1
Coordinator, Geological Engineering (undergraduate level) [expertise] Marcotte, Denis 4620 B-649
Clerk, Budgeting and Financial Monitoring Fortin, Myriam 4285 B-648
Coordinator, Mining Engineering (undergraduate level) [expertise] Zagury, Gérald 4980 A-355

 Graduate Programs

Director, Civil Engineering, Graduate Studies [expertise] Leite, Maria-Helena 2977 B-336.6
Officer, Student Files Latour, Manon 4777 B-342.3
Officer, Student Files Malouin, Monique 4865 A-354
Coordinator, Mining Engineering (graduate level) [expertise]
Student Records Clerk [expertise]
Ji, Shaocheng 5134 B-610

 Professors and Researchers

Professor [expertise] Barbeau, Benoit 2988 B-431.4.7
Professor [expertise] Baudron, Paul 3426 B-632
Professor [expertise] Ben Ftima, Mahdi 2298 B-265.13
Professor Bichai, Françoise 4256 B-431.4.1
Professor [expertise] Bouaanani, Najib 3971 B-265.8
Professor [expertise] Chapleau, Robert 4809 B-324.4
Professor [expertise] Chapuis, Robert 4427 A-351.5
Professor [expertise] Charron, Jean-Philippe 3433 B-336.3
Professor [expertise] Chouteau, Michel 4703 B-650
Professor [expertise] Comeau, Yves 3728 B-424.4
Professor [expertise] Corthésy, Robert 4555 B-613.4
Professor [expertise] Courcelles, Benoît 4743 B-336.5
Professor [expertise] Desjardins, Raymond 4505 B-424.2
Professor [expertise] Dorner, Sarah 3951 B-431.4.3
Professor Farooq, Bilal 4802 B-335
Professor [expertise] Fuamba, Musandji 4813 B-431.4.2
Professor [expertise] Gervais, Félix 4739 B-623
Professor [expertise] Goulet, James 4621 B-431.4.6
Professor [expertise] Ji, Shaocheng 5134 B-610
Professor [expertise] Koboevic, Sanda 4002 B-265.6
Professor [expertise] Léger, Pierre 3712 B-265.12
Professor [expertise] Leite, Maria-Helena 2977 B-336.6
Professor [expertise] Li, Li 2408 A-353
Professor [expertise] Mahdi, Tewfik 5874 B-431.4.5
Professor [expertise] Marcotte, Denis 4620 B-649
Professor [expertise] Massicotte, Bruno 4501 B-265.10
Professor [expertise] Millette, Louise 4257 C-522.1
Professor [expertise] Morency, Catherine 4502 B-324.3
Professor [expertise] Pabst, Thomas 4731 A-360
Professor [expertise] Pasquier, Philippe 4558 B-633
Professor [expertise] Prévost, Michèle 5924 B-424.6
Professor [expertise] Saunier, Nicolas 4962 B-324.2
Professor [expertise] Shakibaeinia, Ahmad 3927 B-431.4.4
Professor [expertise] Silvestri, Vincenzo 4503 B-338
Professor Simon, Richard 3249 A-358
Professor [expertise] Tremblay, Robert 5946 B-265.11
Professor [expertise] Yniesta, Samuel 4259 B-336.1
Professor [expertise] Zagury, Gérald 4980 A-355
Professeur sous octroi Zamyadi, Arash 2186 B-336.10
Researcher [expertise] James, Michael 4255 A-351.7

 Professeurs émérites

Professor Emeritus [expertise] Aubertin, Michel 4046 A-356
Professor Emeritus [expertise] Ladanyi, Branko 4804 B-336.9
Professor Emeritus Tinawi, René 4218 B-265.5

 Professeurs associés

Associate Professor [expertise] Hawari, Jalal 3726 B-336.11
Associate Professor [expertise] Kahawita, René 4506 B-653
Associate Professor [expertise] Lafleur, Jean 4792 B-651
Associate Professor [expertise] Leclerc, Guy 4821 B-336.12

 Maître d'enseignement

Instructor Bélanger, Jean 3328 B-431.2.1
Instructor [profil] Desjardins, Anouk 4071 B-424.1

 Chargés de cours

Instructor Bédard, Pierre 4557 B-634
Instructor Montès, Pierre 4117 B-651

 Research and Staff

Research Fellow Allard, Bruno 4221 B-324.1
Research Fellow Bédard, Émilie 5223 B-353.2
Research Fellow Bisaillon, Guillaume 4112 B-324.4
Research Fellow Bourdeau, Jean-Simon 4235 B-327
Research Fellow Burnet, Jean-Baptiste 3711 B-654
Research Fellow Deshommes, Elise 2236 B-442
Research Fellow Desmettre, Clélia 3119 B-265.9
Research Fellow Dionne, Vincent 4112 B-324
Research Fellow Gaudette, Philippe 4112 B-324.6
Research Fellow Jahanbakhshzadeh, Abtin 4938 A-362.4
Research Fellow Lagier, Fabien 3281 B-265.14
Research Fellow Leclerc, Martin 3713 B-265.15
Research Fellow Mailly, Jacinthe 2986 B-427.1
Research Fellow Marleau, Benoît 4814 B-265.14
Research Fellow Martin, Vincent A-362
Research Fellow McQuaid, Natasha 2192 B-353.2
Research Fellow Nour, Shokoufeh 3430 B-353.1.1
Research Fellow Papineau, Isabelle 3727 B-442
Research Fellow Pfeiffer, Valentin 2235 B-353.2
Research Fellow Plaisant, Alain 4049 A-351.6
Research Fellow Rivard, Mélanie 2987 B-430.2
Research Fellow Siguier, Romain 3203 B-265.15
Research Fellow Verreault, Hubert 4235 B-327

 Stagiaire postdoctoral

Stagiaire postdoctoral Bai, Xiaoyu 4560 B-630
Stagiaire postdoctoral Bakatula, Élisée Nsimba 3441 B-609
Stagiaire postdoctoral Daneshvar, Poulad 4790 B-265.7
Stagiaire postdoctoral Doberva, Margot 3711 B-654
Stagiaire postdoctoral Haddad, Maryam 2194 B-353.2
Stagiaire postdoctoral Solliec, Morgan 3107 B-353.1
Stagiaire postdoctoral Storck, Veronika 4252 B-656

 Administrative Staff

Executive Secretary Calafato, Chantal 4257 C-522
Executive Secretary Razafinjanahary, Laura 4778 B-424.5
Secretary Brouillette, Manon 4228 B-342.2
Secretary Mompoint, Margareth 3355 B-342.1
Coordonnatrice à l'enseignement Ricard, Manon 4556 B-340
Advisor, Sustainable Development Desgroseilliers, Jean-François 2334 C-560
Officer, Administrative Affairs Paquin, Lilia 4416 C-522
Clerk, Budgeting and Financial Monitoring Dallaire, Julie 4218 B-265.5
Clerk, Budgeting and Financial Monitoring Fortin, Myriam 4285 B-648
Officer, Student Files Latour, Manon 4777 B-342.3
Officer, Student Files Malouin, Monique 4865 A-354
Liaison Officer Monzon, Monica 4049 A-351.6
Technician Amoravain, Mersha 2337 C-559
Technician Androuet, Cédric 4957 B-160.5
Technician Auger, Jonathan 3341 B-160.5
Technician Barrette, Louis-Pierre 3438 B-643.3
Technician Bélanger, Étienne 3733 B-351
Technician Bélanger, Patrice 2293 B-160.4
Technician Blais, Mireille 2728 B-430.4
Technician Bolduc, Mélanie 5016 B-440
Technician Bouchard, Denis 4820 B-443.2
Technician Chénier, Samuel 4269 B-345.1.2
Technician Ek, David 4656 B-160.5
Technician El-Harrak, Noura 4938 A-362.4
Technician Fontaine, Yves 2196 B-353.3.1
Technician Leduc, Manon 4789 B-643.3
Technician Leroy, Jérôme 2199 B353.4.2.2
Technician Philibert, Julie 2986 B-427.1
Technician Rousseau, Yvéric 4797 B-613.2
Technician Saavedra, Eddy 3431 B-345.1.1
Technician St-Jean, Gabriel 2196 B-353.3.1
Technician Turgeon, Éric 3627 B-345.1
Assistant technique Toussaint, Richard 4938 A-362.4

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