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Unit Directory

Institute of Biomedical Engineering

Web site :   http://www.igb.umontreal.ca/

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To reach a 4-digit number, first dial 340-4711 Tél. (514) Local


Director [expertise] Savard, Pierre 4186 L-5620
Officer, Student Files Bennani, Amal 4852 L-5620

 Professors and Researchers

Professor [expertise] Ajji, Abdellah 3703 A-655.3
Professor [expertise] Aubin, Carl-Éric 2836 A-629.7.1
Professor [expertise] Bertrand, Michel 4364 L-5622
Professor [expertise] Boudoux, Caroline 4570 B-559.7
Professor [expertise] Buschmann, Michael 4931 A-677.2
Professor [expertise] Cheriet, Farida 4277 M-3115
Professor [expertise] Cicoira, Fabio 2580 J-3057
Professor [expertise] Cohen-Adad, Julien 2264 L-5610
Professor [expertise] Dansereau, Jean 4587 B-450.19
Professor [expertise] De Crescenzo, Gregory 7428 J-3067
Professor [expertise] Garon, André 4835 C-305.2
Professor [expertise] Gervais, Thomas 3752 B-582.4
Professor [expertise] Goussard, Yves 4185 L-5616
Professor [expertise] Guardo, Robert 4365 L-5604
Professor [expertise] Hoemann, Caroline 4848 A-677.1
Professor [expertise] Jolicoeur, Mario 4525 J-3069
Professor [expertise] Kadoury, Samuel 4262 M-3418
Professor [expertise] Leblond, Frédéric 4740 B-559.5
Professor [expertise] Lesage, Fréderic 7542 L-5618
Professor [expertise] Martel, Sylvain 5098 M-4408
Professor [expertise] Meunier, Michel 4971 J-4071
Professor [expertise] Périé-Curnier, Delphine 4437 B-450.16
Professor [expertise] Peter, Yves-Alain 3100 J-3082
Professor [expertise] Plamondon, Réjean 4539 M-5101
Professor [expertise] Raison, Maxime 4007 B-450.17
Professor [expertise] Savadogo, Oumarou 340-4725 A-473
Professor [expertise] Sawan, Mohamad 5943 M-5418
Professor [expertise] Shirazi-Adl, Aboulfazl 4129 A-109.3
Professor [expertise] Stikov, Nikola 4549 L-5608
Professor [expertise] Villemure, Isabelle 4900 A-111.1
Professor Wertheimer, Michael 4749 C-515
Professor [expertise] Yahia, L'Hocine 4378 J-5059
Researcher Lerouge, Sophie 4184 A-630.5.5
Researcher [expertise] Mohammadi, Mahmood 7192 M-4410

 Research Staff

Research Fellow Chaffraix, Philippe 4184 A-630.5.5
Research Fellow Coulombe, Nicolas 4368 L-5614

 Administrative Staff

Other Units / Services


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