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Names Starting With "s"

Last Name, First Name
Phone (340-4711)  Office Department / Service
Saavedra, Eddy3431 B-345.1.1Department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering
Sabourin, Jean-claude340-8503 Univalor
Sacher, Edward   [expertise]4858 C-512Department of Engineering Physics
Saint-Cyr, René2116 M-1130 Information And Technologies Services
Saint-Jacques, Élise4631 C-330.1 Academic and Student Life Affairs
SalleA, réunion3960 A-105Building Management
SalleB, réunion3919 A-305.32Building Management
SalleC, Réunion2396 A-428Building Management
SalleD, réunion5822 A-480Building Management
SalleE, réunion3316 A-520.17Building Management
SalleE!, réunion2174 A-615Building Management
SalleF, réunion4181 A-630.1Building Management
SalleH, réunion5849 B-200.3Building Management
SalleI, réunion4039 B-201Building Management
SalleJ, réunion7773 B-203Building Management
SalleK, réunion3918 B-258.4Building Management
SalleL, réunion3323 B-450.15Building Management
SalleM, réunion3910 B-573Building Management
SalleM1, réunion2168 B-600.4Building Management
SalleM2, réunion2169 B-600.5Building Management
SalleM3, réunion2170 B-600.6Building Management
SalleM4, réunion2171 B-600.7Building Management
SalleO, réunion7468 J-1034Building Management
SalleO1, Réunion7469 J-1046Building Management
SalleO2, Réunion7471 J-2074Building Management
SalleO3, Réunion7473 J-4082Building Management
SalleO4, Réunion7482 J-5031Building Management
SalleO5, Réunion7474 J-5080Building Management
SalleP, réunion7091 L-7651Building Management
SalleQ, réunion2075 M-4515Building Management
SalleR, réunion2074 M-4517Building Management
SalleR1, réunion2073 M-4519Building Management
SalleU, réunion2076 M-5517Building Management
SalleV, réunion2128 M-5519Building Management
SalleW, réunion2139 M-6001Building Management
SalleX, réunion2138 M-6007Building Management
Samarseva, Natalya7015 A-201Office of the Registrar
Sami Madila, Carine4727 A-201.24Office of the Registrar
Samson, Réjean   [expertise]4898 T-310.IDepartment of Chemical Engineering
Sanche, André4836 C-308Building Management
Sandrzyk, Barbara3742 L-7603.2Library
Sangster, James3922 AA-6493Department of Chemical Engineering
Sansó, Brunilde   [expertise]4949 AA-4427GERAD
   M-6107Department of Electrical Engineering
Santato, Clara   [expertise]2586 J-3080Department of Engineering Physics
Sapieha, Jolanta-Ewa   [expertise]5747 B-550.2Laboratoire des revêtements fonctionnels et d'ingénierie des surfaces
    Department of Engineering Physics
Saucier, Antoine   [expertise]4516 A-520.24Department of Mathematics and Industrial Engineering
Saunier, François4273 T-310.LDepartment of Chemical Engineering
Saunier, Nicolas   [expertise]4962 B-324.2Department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering
Saussié, David   [expertise]4552 A-429.8Department of Electrical Engineering
Sauvé, Éliane2351 A-412.7 Academic and Student Life Affairs
Sauvé, Paul4840 A-100Institutional Security Service
Savadogo, Oumarou   [expertise]340-4725 A-473Electrochemistry and Energy Materials Laboratory (LECMEN)
    Department of Chemical Engineering
    Institute of Biomedical Engineering
Savard, Gilles4765 AA-5433GERAD
    Department of Mathematics and Industrial Engineering
Savard, Pierre   [expertise]4186 L-5620Department of Electrical Engineering
    Institute of Biomedical Engineering
Savaria, Émilie4079 A-208.3Office of the Registrar
Savaria, Yvon   [expertise]4737 M-5422Department of Electrical Engineering
Savoie, Carole4547 A-429.19.1Santé et sécurité
Savoie, Esther3995 A-306.17Centre des études complémentaires (CEC)
Sawan, Mohamad   [expertise]5943 M-5418Department of Electrical Engineering
    Institute of Biomedical Engineering
Saydy, Lahcen   [expertise]5916 A-429.6Department of Electrical Engineering
Saydy, Lahcen   [expertise]    
Scanvic, Florence2730 B-218.14Communications and public relations
Scatozzi, Monique4829 B-602.15Financial Services
Schemel, Sandra340-4774 L-7918 Information And Technologies Services
Schmitt, Thomas3379 C-516Department of Engineering Physics
Schneider, Éric4912 A-201.12Office of the Registrar
Seletskiy, Denis   [expertise]5976 C-569Department of Engineering Physics
Shakibaeinia, Ahmad   [expertise]3927 B-431.4.4Department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering
Sheshyekani, Keyhan   [expertise]4867 A-343.6Department of Electrical Engineering
Shirazi-Adl, Aboulfazl   [expertise]4129 A-109.3Department of Mechanical Engineering
    Institute of Biomedical Engineering
Siguier, Romain3203 B-265.15Department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering
Silverwood, Richard2350 A-655.4Department of Chemical Engineering
Silvestri, Vincenzo   [expertise]4503 B-338Geo-engineering
    Department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering
Simard, Nathalie3965 M-7703 Information And Technologies Services
Simard, Yves4350 L-7928 Information And Technologies Services
Simon, Richard3249 A-358Department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering
Simoneau, Jacques340-8505 Univalor
Sirois, Fréderic   [expertise]3607 M-5103Department of Electrical Engineering
Sirois, Jean-Sébastien4760 L-7929 Information And Technologies Services
Sirois, Joanne4803 B-258.2Department of Engineering Physics
Skene, William340-5174 J-2043UdeM - Chemistry
Skorobogatiy, Maksim   [expertise]3327 B-582.3Department of Engineering Physics
Soare, Arina5970 M-7515Library
Sokolenko, Evguenia3924 AA-6459Department of Chemical Engineering
Solar-Pelletier, Laurence4290 A-306.15Department of Mathematics and Industrial Engineering
Solliec, Morgan3107 B-353.1Department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering
Somé, Audrey340-8524 Univalor
Soo, Caroline4832 B-200.2Financial Services
Soubai Jalwaj, Abdelaziz4836 C-308Building Management
Soulard, Christian4964 M-5007Department of Electrical Engineering
Soumis, François   [expertise]6044 A-520.15Department of Mathematics and Industrial Engineering
    Institut de valorisation des données – IVADO
   A-520.15Department of Mathematics and Industrial Engineering
Spooner, Daniel   [profil]4588 B-450.25PolyFab
   B-450.26Department of Mechanical Engineering
Spreutels, Laurent2377 T-490.03Department of Chemical Engineering
Squitt, Marcus4840 A-100Institutional Security Service
Srinivasan, Bala   [expertise]7472 AA-6051Department of Chemical Engineering
St-Cyr Bouchard, Maude5983 C-314.39Centre des études complémentaires (CEC)
St-Georges, Francis4836 C-308Building Management
St-Georges, Line4836 C-308Building Management
St-Germain-Lavoie, Olivier2464 B-602.13Financial Services
St-Jean, Gabriel2196 B-353.3.1Department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering
St-Pierre, Carl3994 A-305.13Department of Mathematics and Industrial Engineering
Stamati, Aliona3257 B-602.1Financial Services
Ste-Marie, Michelle2597 C-240.12Office of Student Affairs
Stikov, Nikola   [expertise]4549 L-5608Department of Electrical Engineering
    Institute of Biomedical Engineering
Storck, Veronika4252 B-656Department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering
Stordeur, Bénédicte4125 M-7703 Information And Technologies Services
Stryckman, Damien5302 J-1251 
Stuart, Paul   [expertise]4384* AA-6509NSERC Chair in Environmental Design Engineering/Process Integration
    Department of Chemical Engineering
Subotic, Sanja3207 B-601.13Human Resources
Sylvestre, Robin5973 M-7033Library

* Note : To reach an extension within the "NSERC Chair in Environmental Design Engineering/Process Integration" service, you must first dial 5772.


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