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Names Starting With "r"

Last Name, First Name
Phone (340-4711)  Office Department / Service
Racicot, Linda4054 B-576Department of Engineering Physics
Racine, Aline4833 B-602.9Financial Services
Racine, Ronald4946 A-381Building Management
Racine-St-Pierre, Hugue4836 C-308Building Management
Raison, Maxime   [expertise]4007 B-450.17Institute of Biomedical Engineering
    Department of Mechanical Engineering
Rancourt, Sylvie3745 M-7011Library
Raphael, Wendell 5296 A-682.4Department of Chemical Engineering
Rauzon-Charbonneau, Geneviève4849 M-7004Library
Razafinjanahary, Laura4778 B-424.5NSERC Industrial Research Chair in Drinking Water
    Department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering
Regalado, Melisa4978 A-306.4Department of Mathematics and Industrial Engineering
Reggio, Marcelo   [expertise]4411 C-318.13Department of Mechanical Engineering
Régis, Christine4828 A-203.1Office of the Registrar
Reignier, Isabelle4435 A-201Office of the Registrar
Rémillard, Sophie3340 B-601.16Human Resources
Reppelin, Laurence5063 CR-BUREAU5Bureau de projets
Ricard, Manon4556 B-340Department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering
Richard, Kim4286 A-616.12Department of Financial and Material Resources
Richard, Louise4885 C-240.13Office of Student Affairs
Richard, Stephanie4413 A-208Office of the Registrar
Richer, Chantal340-8516 Univalor
Richer, Manon5432 B-218.8Office of Research/Centre for Technological Development
Richer, Mario5850 GUÉRITEBuilding Management
Rigaud, Michel4253 B-450.5Department of Mechanical Engineering
Riopel, Diane   [expertise]4982 A-306.13Department of Mathematics and Industrial Engineering
Rivard, Ghislain4952 A-616.7International Relations
Rivard, Mélanie2987 B-430.2Department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering
Robelin, Christian   [expertise]4304 AA-6489Centre de recherche en calcul thermochimique (CRCT)
    Department of Chemical Engineering
Roberge, Jimmy4213 M-7513Library
Robert, Benoît   [expertise]4226 A-305.31Centre risque & performance (CRP)
    Department of Mathematics and Industrial Engineering
Robert, Christian4346 L-7901 Information And Technologies Services
Robert, Étienne   [expertise]4154 J-5067Department of Mechanical Engineering
Robert, Jean-Marc   [expertise]4566 A-305.23Department of Mathematics and Industrial Engineering
Robidoux, Alain4918 A-421.7Department of Mechanical Engineering
Robillard, Pierre N.   [expertise]4238 M-4121Department of Computer and Software engineering
Robin, Gino4116 A-558.2Department of Chemical Engineering
Rochefort, Alain   [expertise]3901 J-5071Department of Engineering Physics
    Engineering Physics
 4787 B-576Department of Engineering Physics
Rochefort, Benoît6038 AA-4479Department of Mathematics and Industrial Engineering
Rodriguez, Ernesto2723 L-7926 Information And Technologies Services
Roméro, Myriam4836 C-308Building Management
Rondeau, Audrey3223 B-218.10Communications and public relations
Ross, Annie   [expertise]4591 A-103.3Department of Mechanical Engineering
Ross, Marie-France2978 B-218.7Office of Research/Centre for Technological Development
   B- 218.7ACPEP (École Polytechnique Managers and professionals ' Association)
Roukos, Hala4107 C-220.4Coopoly
Rouleau, Martin4836 C-308Building Management
Rousseau, Louis-Martin   [expertise]4569 A-520.21Department of Mathematics and Industrial Engineering
Rousseau, Yvan4053 C-137Building Management
Rousseau, Yvéric4797 B-613.2Department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering
Roussel, Josée3273 B-218.9Office of Research/Centre for Technological Development
Routhier, Pierre2981 L-7908 Information And Technologies Services
    Office of the Registrar
Roy, Chantal4826 B-601.14Human Resources
Roy, Guillaume2358 B-257.3Office of Research/Centre for Technological Development
Roy, Jean-Denis4057 B-601.9Human Resources
Roy, Nathalie4335 A-201.24Office of the Registrar
Roy, Pierre-Olivier4363 T-310.PDepartment of Chemical Engineering
Ruiz, Eduardo-Antonio-Julian   [expertise]4585 B-450.32Department of Mechanical Engineering
Rushishikara, Frédéric4139 L-7904 Information And Technologies Services


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