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Names Starting With "g"

Last Name, First Name
Phone (340-4711)  Office Department / Service
Gabaud, Yves2414 L-7912 Information And Technologies Services
Gabli, Wahiba2736 L-7904 Information And Technologies Services
Gaborieau, Lydiane340-8520 Univalor
Gagné, Guylaine3269 B-602.8Financial Services
Gagné, Jean-Marie   [expertise]4732 B-559.4Laser Spectroscopy Laboratory
    Department of Engineering Physics
Gagnon, Brigitte4818 A-655Department of Chemical Engineering
Gagnon, Dominique4836 C-111.4Building Management
Gagnon, Francine5909 B-510Placement Service
Gagnon, Francis5963 M-4005Department of Computer and Software engineering
Gagnon, Martine5983 C-314.39Centre des études complémentaires (CEC)
Gagnon, Michel   [expertise]3331 M-3412Department of Computer and Software engineering
Gaitan Garcia, Fabiola A.4151 CR-1048-2Fondation de Polytechnique
Gal, Brigitte3974 M-7004Library
Galinier, Philippe   [expertise]2228 M-3416Department of Computer and Software engineering
Gamache, Hélène4836 C-308Building Management
Gamache, Michel5920 A-305.29Department of Mathematics and Industrial Engineering
 4509 AA-4463GERAD
Gamache-Vaillancourt, Geneviève3959 M-7019Library
Gariépy, Vincent4573 A-497Esteban project (solar-powered vehicle)
Garon, André   [expertise]4835 C-305.2Department of Mechanical Engineering
    Institute of Biomedical Engineering
Gaudette, Philippe4112 B-324.6Department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering
Gaumond, Albert4377 C-130Building Management
Gauthier, Jean-Bertrand6673 AA-4465GERAD
Gauthier, Jules4096 M-6013Department of Electrical Engineering
Gauthier, Matthieu5819 A-672Department of Chemical Engineering
Gay, Claude-Rico4351 L-7902 Information And Technologies Services
Géant, Josselin4840 A-100Institutional Security Service
Gélinas, Lyse3977 C-337.6Building Management
Gendreau, Michel   [expertise]4513 A-305.20.3Department of Mathematics and Industrial Engineering
Gendreau, Olivier   [profil]2102 M-4017Department of Computer and Software engineering
Gendron, Yanick3267 A-429.21Pension Plan
Genest, Karine3732 A-630.5.2Institut TransMedTech
Gervais, Félix   [expertise]4739 B-623Department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering
Gervais, Thomas   [expertise]3752 B-582.4Department of Engineering Physics
    Institute of Biomedical Engineering
Ghaffari, Seyed Alireza7846 M-5417Department of Electrical Engineering
Ghelid, Mohamed4836 C-308Building Management
Gherasim, Irina4993 M-7031Library
Gheribi, Aimen2316 AA-6455Department of Chemical Engineering
Giasson, Suzanne340-5175 J-2045UdeM - Chemistry
Gibbons, Patrick4264 B-117.3.1Cafeteria
Giguère, Martin7459 J-5074Department of Engineering Physics
Giles, Isabelle4710 C-215Executive Secretariat
Gillet, Véronique340-5959 CR-1047Fondation de Polytechnique
Girard, André4949 AA-4427GERAD
Girard, Daniel3008 Academic and Student Life Affairs
Girard, Denise4630 A-305.15Department of Mathematics and Industrial Engineering
Girard, Isabelle2479 CR-1043Fondation de Polytechnique
Girard, Pierre6959 AA-4517GERAD
Gironne, Guy5922 C-124Department of Mechanical Engineering
Godbout, Nicolas   [expertise]3401 B-559.3Department of Engineering Physics
Godin, Rachel4728 A-201Office of the Registrar
Goodfellow, Ryan6673 AA-4457GERAD
Gosselin, Frédérick   [expertise]3747 A-115.2Department of Mechanical Engineering
Gosselin, Stéphanie4730 B-510Office of Student Affairs
Gosselin-Picard, Eveline5983 C-314.39Centre des études complémentaires (CEC)
Gou, Michel   [expertise]4669 B-450.13.2Department of Mechanical Engineering
Gougeon, Manon3988 C-337.7Building Management
Goulet, James   [expertise]4621 B-431.4.6Department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering
Gourdeau, Richard   [expertise]5863 A-429.7Department of Electrical Engineering
Goussanou, Chantale5905 A-201Office of the Registrar
Goussard, Yves   [expertise]4185 M-5404.1Department of Electrical Engineering
    Institute of Biomedical Engineering
Goyette, Johanne5954 A-306.4Department of Mathematics and Industrial Engineering
Grandchamp, Fritz4479 M-7037Library
Gras, Henry3955 A-343.3Department of Electrical Engineering
Gravel, Mathieu2492 C-237.4Service du recrutement
Grenier, Chantal4644 L-7935 Information And Technologies Services
Grenier, Marie-Josée4137 L-7910 Information And Technologies Services
Grenier, Olivier5192 B-222.1Office of Research/Centre for Technological Development
Griza, Téodosie4840 A-100Institutional Security Service
Grmela, Miroslav   [expertise]4627 A-644Department of Chemical Engineering
Groleau, Marc4241 B-510.6Placement Service
Grondin, Steve4902 B-528.1 Information And Technologies Services
Guardo, Robert   [expertise]4365 L-5604Department of Electrical Engineering
    Institute of Biomedical Engineering
Guay, Geneviève4205 C-240.16Office of Student Affairs
Guéhéneuc, Yann-Gaël   [expertise]7116 M-4103Department of Computer and Software engineering
Guénab, Ali4836 C-308Building Management
Guénette, Ian4840 A-100Institutional Security Service
Guérard, Sylvie4540 A-330.11Institut en génie de l'énergie électrique (IGEE)
Guérin, Jean   [profil]4098 A-520.23Department of Mathematics and Industrial Engineering
    Centre des études complémentaires (CEC)
Guérin, Martin4840 A-100Institutional Security Service
Guertin, Anne-Marie340-8512 Univalor
Guibault, François   [expertise]4876 M-3424Department of Computer and Software engineering
Guichard, Anne-Sophie340-3255 L-7947Direction des ressources informationnelles
Guillemette, Josée2998 B-211.2General Secretariat
Guillemette, Yan5821 C-240.1Office of Student Affairs
Guindon, Suzanne4201 A-305.20Department of Mathematics and Industrial Engineering
Guitton, Morgan340-8510 Univalor
Guzman-Morales, Jessica4123 A-631Department of Chemical Engineering
Gylbert, Frédéric3758 C-335.4Building Management


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