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Names Starting With "a"

Last Name, First Name
Phone (340-4711)  Office Department / Service
Abou-khalil, Micheline340-3231 PAP (Staff Assistance Program)
Abouheaf, Mohammed6040 AA-5523GERAD
Abraham, Érick4769 B-450.18Department of Mechanical Engineering
Achiche, Sofiane   [expertise]4317 B-450.28Department of Mechanical Engineering
Acquaroli, Leandro2589 J-3085Department of Engineering Physics
Adams, Bram   [expertise]7185 M-4019Department of Computer and Software engineering
Adams, Martin4840 A-100Institutional Security Service
Adjengue, Luc-Désiré   [expertise]4475 A-520.33Department of Mathematics and Industrial Engineering
Agard, Bruno   [expertise]4914 A-305.33 
    Department of Mathematics and Industrial Engineering
Aide, audiovisuel-vidéoconférence340-4902 B-528.1 Information And Technologies Services
Aide, bureautique,réseau,téléphonie5858 Information And Technologies Services
Aide, laboratoires institutionnels4499 L-6630 Information And Technologies Services
Aimène, Nour4863 A-118Department of Mechanical Engineering
Ajji, Abdellah   [expertise]3703 A-655.3Department of Chemical Engineering
    Institute of Biomedical Engineering
    Department of Chemical Engineering
Akyel, Cevdet   [expertise]4673 M-6023Department of Electrical Engineering
Al-Saedi, Hazem3416 C-337.8Building Management
Alarco, Anne-Marie340-8522 Univalor
Alarco, Pierre-Jean3755 B-218.22Research and Innovation Directorate
Alelamaka, Henriette4721 B-216Office of Research/Centre for Technological Development
Allaire, Claude858-6476 CC-108NSERC Chair on Refractories for the Aluminum Industry
Allard, Bruno4221 B-324.1Department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering
 4221  AAREP (École Polytechnique Research Group Association)
Allard, Fannie2409 CR-1041Fondation de Polytechnique
Allard, Louise4322 A-201.2Office of the Registrar
Allard, Lucie5969 A-201Office of the Registrar
Allard, Philippe2352 B-257.4Research and Innovation Directorate
Allard, Philippe   J.A. Bombardier Incubator
Alleyne, Tanya4418 M-5007Department of Electrical Engineering
Allouche, Yasmine4764 CR-1042ADP (École Polytechnique Alumni Association)
Allwin, Brenda5983 C-314.39Centre des études complémentaires (CEC)
 4205 C-240.16Office of Student Affairs
Allwin, Jean-Noël4300 C-220.3Coopoly
Aloise, Daniel   [expertise]4891 M-3410Department of Computer and Software engineering
Ammar, Sami7451 A-101.3Department of Mechanical Engineering
Amoravain, Mersha2337 C-559Department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering
     Information And Technologies Services
Amoussouvi, Mireille4040 A-684.2Department of Chemical Engineering
Amrouss, Amine6673 AA-4457GERAD
Anani, Leïla4840 A-100Institutional Security Service
Anctil, Kathryne2015 C- 237.3Service du recrutement
Androuet, Cédric4957 B-160.5Department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering
Anjos, Miguel F.   [expertise]4568 A-520.10Department of Mathematics and Industrial Engineering
   A-520.10Chaire de recherche du Canada en optimisation non-linéaire discrète en ingénierie(ONDI)
Antonescu, Traian3618 M-6011Department of Electrical Engineering
Antoniol, Giuliano   [expertise]2027 M-4021Department of Computer and Software engineering
Aouchiche, Mustapha6036 AA-4435GERAD
April, Georges-Emile   [expertise]4877 A-343.5Department of Electrical Engineering
Arabi Narehei, Sina3749 J-5035Mechanical Engineering
    Department of Mechanical Engineering
Arcand, Julie4246 CR-1023Placement Service
Archambault, Chloé340-8523 Univalor
Archambault, René AREP (Polytechnique Retirees Association)
Archambault, Sarah4840 A-100Institutional Security Service
Arfa, Khaled   [profil]4866 A-343.9.1Department of Electrical Engineering
Arguin, Sima4377 C-130Building Management
Armellini, Fabiano   [expertise]4622 A-306.6Department of Mathematics and Industrial Engineering
Arratia, Maritza4836 C-308Building Management
Arsenault, Sylvie4836 C-308Building Management
Asli, Mustapha4313 A-208.2Office of the Registrar
Assali, Simone7441 J-3083Department of Engineering Physics
Aubertin, Gilles3972 A-381.8Building Management
Aubertin, Michel   [expertise]4046 A-356NSERC Industrial Research Chair on the Environment
    Department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering
Aubin, Carl-Éric   [expertise]2836 A-630.5.5Institut TransMedTech
   A-629.7.1Department of Mechanical Engineering
    Institute of Biomedical Engineering
Aubin, Marlène4150 A-201.16Office of the Registrar
Aucourt, Barthélemy4878 A-305.2Department of Mathematics and Industrial Engineering
Audelin, Nathalie4758 M-4419Department of Computer and Software engineering
Audet, Charles   [expertise]4510 AA-5453GERAD
   A-520.37Department of Mathematics and Industrial Engineering
Audet, Denise4025 A-203.1Office of the Registrar
Audet, Paul4745 C-539.2Building Management
Audet, Yves   [expertise]4270 M-5113Department of Electrical Engineering
Audibert, Martine2422 CR-1015Carrefour Perfectionnement Polytechnique Montréal
Auger, Jonathan3341 B-160.5Department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering
Aure, Sophie3349 M-3002Department of Computer and Software engineering
Azandjèmè, Joëlle-Diane3622 B-257Research and Innovation Directorate


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