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Fabiano Armellini
B.Eng, M.Sc., D.Sc. (mechanical engineering - USP, Brazil)

Phone: (514) 340-4711 Ext. 4622 Fax: (514) 340-4086 Room: A-306.6

Research interests and affiliations

Research interests
  • Technology and innovation management

  • Strategic technology planning

  • Open innovation and open business models

  • Organization for industrial R&D and new product and service development

  • Technological trends for several industries within the metal-mechanic sector, specially automation, aerospace, and automotive

  • Techno-entrepreneurship, assessment of the entrepreneurial ecosystem and entrepreneurial behaviour within the technology domain

Expertise type(s) (NSERC subjects)


Recent publications
Conference paper
Armellini, F., Beaudry, C. & Achiche, S. (2018). Assessing interrater fidelity for continuous innovation : how differently is innovation perceived by R&D and operations management? Paper presented at the 19th International Continuous Innovation Network Conference (CINet 2018), Dubin, Ireland.
Journal article
Paula Pinheiro, M.A., Jugend, D., Demattê Filho, L.C. & Armellini, F. (2018). Framework proposal for ecodesign integration on product portfolio management. Journal of Cleaner Production, 185, 176-186. Retrieved from
Armellini, F., Beaudry, C., Bourgault, M., Lecante, C., Mahecha, D. & Morin, S. (2018). Le virage numérique en aérospatiale : tendance de convergence, exploration de signaux faibles et proposition d'un agenda R-D pour la grappe montéralaise (Report No CRIAQ-1646). Consortium de recherche et d'innovation en aérospatiale au Québec (CRIAQ).
Conference paper
Marin, R.O., Kaminski, P.C., Armellini, F. & Bouchardy, A. (2018). Open innovation practices in the automotive industry : and exploratory comparison between Brazil and France. Paper presented at the 27th SAE International Congress on Mobility Technology, São Paulo, Brazil.


- IND8137A - Techno-entrepreneurship

- IND6128 - New product, service and process development

- CAP7230 - Becoming a techno-entrepreneur

Supervision at Polytechnique


  • Ph.D. (4)

    • Faissal Bassis, Nihad. Integrating innovation ecosystems analysis to the technology roadmapping process at the firm level.
    • Rodrigues Blanco, Cintia. Understanding the decision-making process in science and technology policies applied to Big Science projects.
    • Gaboune, Youssef. Assessment of the influence of cultural and psychological elements within techno-entrepreneurship education.
    • Benraïs, Zahida.
  • Master (thesis) (6)

    • Zhao, Gang. Open innovation in the automotive sector - a comparative analysis between Canada and China.
    • Couillaud, Océane.
    • Nassif, Georges. Data analysis from an internet of things system in a gas station convenience store.
    • Marques, Rafael. Assessing the influence of IoT within the design of product-service systems (PSS): the case of a gas station.
    • Bouchardy, Antoine. Open innovaiton in the automotive sector in France and in Canada.
    • Namdary Moghadam, Samira.


  • Master's Thesis (3)

    • Bouchardy, A. (2018). L'innovation ouverte dans l'industrie automobile en France et au Canada (Master's Thesis, École Polytechnique de Montréal). Retrieved from
    • Marques, R. (2018). Système de produits et services basés sur l'internet des objets : conception et implantation pilote dans une station-service (Master's Thesis, École Polytechnique de Montréal). Retrieved from
    • Nassif, G. (2018). Data Analysis From an Internet Of Things System in a Gas Station Convenience Store (Master's Thesis, École Polytechnique de Montréal). Retrieved from

Press review about Fabiano Armellini

October 28, 2017, Les affaires, Les ingénieurs, de bons entrepreneurs? « C'est plus facile d'apprendre à un ingénieur à gérer des affaires que d'enseigner à un spécialiste du management à faire de la technologie. ». Citation de Fabiano Armellini, professeur adjoint au Département de mathématiques et de génie industriel de Polytechnique Montréal.
November 18, 2016, PLAN, Tuyaux sur le financement À la recherche de financement? Ce qu’en disent deux experts, dont Fabiano Armellini, ing. jr, D. Sc., professeur adjoint au Département de mathématiques et de génie industriel de Polytechnique Montréal.