Industrial Chair on Drinking Water


Adèle El-Murr

Technicienne en administration
Local : B-424.5
Ligne directe
(514) 340-4112

Ligne générale (POLY)
(514) 340-4711



Our mission is to produce scientifically recognized results that can be used by industry to improve the treatment and distribution of drinking water while minimizing the risks to human health.

The Chair also aims to consolidate and improve the positioning of the Polytechnique Montréal team, its industry partners, and Canada as leaders in the field of drinking water.


  • Consolidate and improve the Polytechnique Drinking Water Research Group’s international leadership position in the treatment and distribution of drinking water 
  • Respond to the technical needs of the drinking water treatment and distribution industry by developing new technologies and processes while advancing scientific knowledge to meet new drinking water standards and the challenges caused by emerging contaminants
  • Train highly qualified personnel (HQP)
  • Provide a competitive advantage to the Chair's industrial partners and, in turn, to the Canadian drinking water treatment and distribution industry
  • Contribute to improving the well-being of Canadians by:
    • Dissemination of scientific knowledge on drinking water treatment and distribution
    • Transfer of research results to municipalities and industry through publications, conferences, lectures and technical reports, so as to support their technology choices for the upgrading of water treatment facilities

Chair representatives participate actively in provincial and federal standard-setting committees to ensure that research results are taken into account.