Nano and Quantum Semiconductors Laboratory

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Prof. Oussama Moutanabbir

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We shape the form and function of materials down to the atomic-level, and harness their properties in innovative nanoscale and quantum devices

Harnessing nanoscale and quantum phenomena in semiconductors creates valuable opportunities to achieve novel or superior functionalities with potential impacts on nanoelectronics, optoelectronics, photonics, carbon-free energy conversion, and bio-integrated technologies. With this perspective, we develop unique nanofabrication and integration processes to enable functional nanostructured materials with tailor-made physical and chemical properties. Advanced nanoscale probes are utilized to develop an atomistic-level understanding of their formation and test their properties and the associated functionalities. Our research program strives for the highest impact on both fundamental and technological implications of the next-generation of nanostructured quantum semiconductors.



One of our very important missions is to create a stimulating working environment to attract outstanding students and help them establish their own creative skills. We strongly believe that training through research is an effective way to prepare students for industrial or academic careers by providing them with outlets for greater responsibility, creativity, and self-direction. Our research program offers our students the opportunity to undertake world-class, multidisciplinary research, to use approaches and experimental equipment that have never been mated heretofore, and to interact with researchers and engineers with diverse backgrounds and learn in the process the importance of precise meteorology in solving scientific and technological problems. This will help them gain a diversified training and enrich their interpersonal skills, which are highly needed in an increasingly global and multicultural scientific research.


Securing the future of next generations demands more than before innovative and sustainable solutions face nowadays unprecedented environmental and societal challenges. In this landscape, academic research continues to play an increasingly important role to forge global solutions and guarantee the foundation for continuing progress. Creative thinking and collaborative actions are key elements to better address these multifaceted challenges by fostering new scientific discoveries and ensuring an effective transfer of knowledge into technology. A balanced interaction between universities, government agencies, and industries is critical to building a strong culture of innovation to turn science into practice and ultimately enable accessible, efficient, and environmentally friendly technologies. Semiconductor science and technology is one of the research areas that continue to greatly benefit from dynamic government-university-industry trilateral collaborations with impacts that are transforming at an unparalleled pace the humanity across the whole spectrum of life.

The recent progress in tailoring semiconductor materials at small scales has been a powerful paradigm to unveil new fundamental properties and enable novel or enhanced functionalities.  With this perspective, our team develops new approaches to study and control surface and interface processes to engineer new classes of electronic materials and devices with tunable properties that are a consequence of nanoscale and quantum effects. We are exploring these fundamental scientific aspects by establishing a strong nanoscale fabrication and characterization infrastructure including a variety of systems for the growth of thin films and nanostructures, advanced characterization techniques, and tools for device processing thus offering an excellent environment for fundamental and applied research on semiconductor nanoscale and quantum structures. We have also been leading through this research close collaborations with research groups in Canada and abroad as well as with local and national industries.