Pr Mohamad Sawan - Award of Excellence in Research and Innovation

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A smart lightning rod for epileptic

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M. Sawan wins Shanghai International Science and Technology Cooperation Award

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Electronic Microsystems Assembly and Encapsulation Laboratory (LASEM)

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LASEM laboratory located at Polytechnique Montréal on the Campus of the University de Montréal offers university researchers, graduate student researchers and industry members highly specialized equipment for implementing the design, the fabrication and the analysis of Microsystems.

Research and Development Projects

Through advanced processes in microstructure assembly, the research carried out stands to yield major innovations in numerous areas where Microsystems are employed. The platform also facilitates collaboration between the university institutions involved and their respective industrial partners.


The laboratory, located for the most part in Room A-345 at Polytechnique, is set up to meet the scientific and technological needs of new miniature devices. The setup includes highly specialized equipments for designing electronic chips, printed circuits and various hybrids.

Equipment available:

  • Interconnect and packaging of Integrated Circuits
  • Surface Mount Assembly of Printed Circuits Boards
  • Scanning Electronic Microscope and Microanalysis
  • Laser welding Nd:YAG
  • Rework of electronic assemblies
  • Tests and measurements

Press Review

Avoir les pieds sur terre
June 9, 2018, Le Devoir, Avoir les pieds sur terre, Existe-t-il réellement un transfert d'énergie entre le sol et le corps avec des effets notables sur la santé? Les explications de Mohamad Sawan, une sommité dans le domaine des dispositifs médicaux intelligents et professeur titulaire au Departement de génie électrique à Polytechnique Montréal.
The Brian L. Barge Award for Excellence in Microsystems Integration.
October 13, 2015, CMC Microsystems, The Brian L. Barge Award for Excellence in Microsystems Integration., Nabovati étudiante au doctorat au Département de génie électrique gagne le prix CMC Microsystèmes pour son projet démonstration en direct sous la supervision du professeur Mohamad Sawan.