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Robotics Laboratory of the Ecole Polytechnique Montreal

Phone: (514) 340-4711 Ext. 3324 Fax: (514) 340-5867 Room: C-543 Pavillon principal
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Research areas description

The robotics laboratory at Polytechnique Montréal belongs to the mechanical engineering department. It was created in 2006 upon the arrival of Prof. Lionel Birglen and deals with all the aspects of robotics ranging from mechanical design to control. The laboratory was established with a Leaders Opportunity Fund granted by the Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI). The main research initiatives are focused on adaptive and compliant mechanical systems with a special emphasis on grasping and manipulation. Several high-level machines are available for this task including workstations, electronic prototyping apparatus, real-time controller, several actuators, force sensors, industrial and collaborative robotic arms, and mobile robots with vision capability.

Research interests

Expertise type(s) (NSERC subjects)
  • 2600 ROBOTICS
  • 2601 Robotic control and automation
  • 2602 Flexible robots
  • 2604 Intelligent systems applications

Research staff

Professors / researchers (1)
Number of graduate students: 5
Number of research agents: 1

Specialized equipment

Opal-RT realtime control hardware,

A variety of actuators and drives from Maxon and other manufacturers,

ATI-IA 6-axis force sensors,

Electronic prototyping apparatus,

Zcorp Z450 and Dimension SST1200es 3D printers,

Rethink Baxter collaborative robot,

Fanuc LRMate200id robot arm,

Robotic hand and gripper characterization test bench.

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Press review about Robotics Laboratory of the Ecole Polytechnique Montreal

September 28, 2018, Génie de Conception, La mécanique au cour de la transition industrielle Mentions des travaux de l'Institut TransMedTech et du Laboratoire de robotique de Polytechnique Montréal.