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Research project title

Propagation of fault aseismic slip due to fluid injection in the subsurface

Education level



Director: Antoine Jacquey

End of display

July 15, 2024

Areas of expertise


Geotechnical engineering (including engineering geology)

Rock mechanics



Geothermal energy

Primary sphere of excellence in research

Energy, Water and, Resources

Secondary sphere(s) of excellence in research

Environment, Economy, and Society

Modeling and Artificial Intelligence

Unit(s) and department(s)

Department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering

Geotechnical Research Group (GRG)


  • A good academic record.
  • Experience in numerical modeling using finite element, finite difference, finite volume or boundary element is required.
  • Knowledge of at least one programming language (Julia, Python, or C++) is required.
  • Experience in modeling thermo-hydro-mechanical processes in porous media is recommended.
  • Strong communication skills in English (a minimum IELTS score of 7.0 is required for international applicants).

Detailed description

Fluid injection in the subsurface is recognized as a potential source of induced seismicity, notably aseismic slip along geological faults, and potentially – if not controlled – major induced seismic events that can endanger the population and cause considerable damage to infrastructure. To foster the development of energy technologies known to help mitigate the impacts of climate change, such as geothermal energy production or geological storage of carbon and hydrogen, it is essential to understand and prevent the risk of induced seismicity during field operations.

This doctoral project will study the propagation of aseismic slip along faults in response to transient fluid injection, taking into account thermal effects. The results of this project will contribute to the design of injection scenarios to mitigate the risk of induced seismicity and ensure sustainable and responsible use of subsurface resources. This work is primarily theoretical and numerical.

Financing possibility

Funding of 25 000$ per year for a 36-month period is insurred.

Scholarship proposals (FRQNT, NSERC or other) are encouraged and will be supported.


Project description

Antoine Jacquey

Antoine Jacquey

Assistant Professor

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