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Research project title

Processing of MRI data from the brain and spinal cord

Education level

Master or doctorate


Director: Julien Cohen-Adad

End of display

June 29, 2025

Areas of expertise

Biomedical engineering

Life sciences research related to human health and disease

Biomedical technology

Medical sciences

Image and video processing

Software engineering

Medical physics

Unit(s) and department(s)

Department of Electrical Engineering

Biomedical Science and Technologies Research Centre (GRSTB)


Detailed description

MRI is routinely used in clinics to detect certain diseases such as multiple sclerosis or stroke. However, clinical MRI is limited due to its low sensitivity for detecting abnormalities in the white matter (axons). New MRI techniques now allow characterization of myelin from axons, and therefore provide a better diagnosis. However, these techniques require particular image processing before they can be interpreted by radiologists. The goal of this research theme is to develop new methods that can then be used clinically to quantify abnormalities of axons in the brain and spinal cord. Examples of projects:

  • Set up an analysis pipeline to automatically process MRI scans, perform quality control of the analysed datasets (eg: identify failed automatic processes and find solutions);
  • Interpret the results with the help of neurologists, perform statistics to find best biomarkers from MRI data (eg: spinal cord cross-sectional area, MS lesion load).
  • Create MRI templates, representing the average anatomy across several individuals.


These projects are usually performed in collaboration with international neuroimaging institutions (eg: Harvard-MGH Martinos Center, UCL, Stanford, U. of Toronto), with possibilities for internship abroad.

REcommanded skills

image analysis | python | git/GitHub | analysis pipeline | computer vision | statistics

selected Publications

Kerbrat et al. Brain 2020, Eden et al. Brain 2019


Julien Cohen-Adad

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Julien Cohen-Adad

Julien Cohen-Adad

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