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Research interests and affiliations

Research interests
  • Digital systems
  • High-level synthesis
  • Real-time systems
  • Embedded systems
  • Computer arithmetic
  • High performance computing
  • Cyber-physical systems
  • Cyber-physical systems security
  • Computer architecture
  • Specialized architectures
  • Field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs)
Expertise type(s) (NSERC subjects)
  • 2514 Digital signal processing
  • 2701 Computer hardware
  • 2702 Computer systems organization
  • 2704 Distributed and parallel processing
  • 2719 Computer architecture and design
  • 2722 VLSI systems


Journal article
Chalangar, H., Ould-Bachir, T., Sheshyekani, K. & Mahseredjian, J. (2021). A direct mapped method for accurate modeling and real-time simulation of high switching frequency resonant converters. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, 68(7), 6348-6357. Retrieved from
Journal article
Ould-Bachir, T., Blanchette, H. & Al-Haddad, K. (2014). A network tearing technique for FPGA-based real-time simulation of power converters. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics. Retrieved from
Journal article
Ould-Bachir, T. & David, J.P. (2013). Self-alignment schemes for the implementation of addition-related floating-point operators. ACM Transactions on Reconfigurable Technology and Systems, 6(1), 21 pages. Retrieved from


Tarek Ould-Bachir received the M.A.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in electrical engineering from the Polytechnique Montréal, in 2008 and 2013, respectively. From 2007 to 2018, he was with OPAL-RT Technologies, holding various positions in the R&D Department. From 2018 to 2020, he was a Research Associate with Polytechnique Montréal. He is currently an Assistant Professor with the Computer and Software Engineering Department at Polytechnique Montréal.


  • ELE1300, Digital Design
  • INF1600, Computer Organization 
  • INF2010, Algorithms and data structures
  • INF3500, Digital Design II
  • INF3610, Embedded Systems

Supervision at Polytechnique


  • Post-doctoral fellowship (1)

    • Bouzid, Ahmed. Ultrasonic thermometry to measure the temperature in microwave reactors.
  • Ph.D. (10)

    • Allabadi, Ahmad. Numerical methods for power electronics based power systems.
    • Mashreghi Moghadam, Parisa. P4-programmable FPGA overlay .
    • Zamanidoost, Yadollah. Lung disease detection using machine learning, algorithms and hardware implementations.
    • Alavoine, Loic. Adjustment and simulation of aircraft electrical cables using frequency dependent equivalent circuits.
    • Meddah, Karim. FPGA platform for real-time simulation of fast power converters.
    • Hajizadeh, Fahimeh. FPGA-based simulation of high-fidelity aircraft cable models for aeronautical applications.
    • Abbasmollaei, Mostafa. P4 applications on heterogeneous CPU/FPGA platform.
    • Diallo, Mamadou Saliou. Transcompilation of P4 programs for heterogeneous architectures.
    • Mokari, Hassan. Cybersecurity of avionics systems.
    • Allahdini, Mobin. Realizing quantum-inspired approaches through hardware implementations.
  • Master (thesis) (6)

    • Makhroute, El Mahdi .
    • El Harti, Mohamed Ayoub.
    • M'hammedi Alaoui, Ali. Solving combinatorial optimization problems using quantum-inspired approaches.
    • Yan, Zheng. Automatic partitioning of power electronics models .
    • Morantin, Bastien Regis Michel. Cybersecurity of the Internet of Things.
    • Allard, Florent. Stateful processing constructs in the P4 language.
  • Professionnal master (3)

    • Cassedanne, Mélanie.
    • Barrette-Laganière, Hubert.
    • Gravey, Thibaut.


  • Ph.D. Thesis (3)

    • Chalangar, H. (2021). Methods for FPGA-based real-time simulation of fast transients in power electronics systems and fault locating applications (Ph.D. Thesis, Polytechnique Montréal). Retrieved from
    • Masoom, A. (2021). High-Level Programming Methods for the Simulation of Power System Transients (Ph.D. Thesis, Polytechnique Montréal). Retrieved from
    • Montano, F. (2021). Architectures and Methodology for the Design of Real-time Power Converter Simulators on FPGAs (Ph.D. Thesis, Polytechnique Montréal). Retrieved from

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