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Sébastien Loranger
Bacc. (Poly), M. Sc. A. (Poly), Ph.D. (Poly)

Research interests and affiliations

Research interests
  • Optical fiber components and lasers
  • Optoelectronics and nonlinear optics
  • Development of optical sensors and optical fiber sensors
  • Distributed sensing system optimisation and application
  • Bragg gratings and photonic crystals
  • Waveguide and microstructure laser writing
  • Integrated photonics: integration of optical frequencies and THz in single platforms
  • THz photonic crystals
  • Application of photonic technologies (ex: LIDAR).
Expertise type(s) (NSERC subjects)
  • 2011 Optical materials
  • 2502 Electromagnetics, compatibility and interference
  • 2505 Photonic devices and networks
  • 2507 Communications systems
  • 3110 Optics (see also photon devices 2505)
  • 3111 Lasers
  • 3112 Photonics
  • 3306 Optical properties


Recent publications
Journal article
Roberge, A., Loranger, S., Boisvert, J.-S., Monet, F. & Kashyap, R. (2022). Femtosecond laser direct-writing of high quality first-order Bragg gratings with arbitrary complex apodization by phase modulation. Optics Express, 30(17), 30405-30419.
Journal article
Boisvert, J.-S., Hlil, A., Loranger, S., Riaz, A., Ledemi, Y., Messaddeq, Y. & Kashyap, R. (2022). Photosensitization agents for fs laser writing in PDMS. Scientific Reports, 12, 10 pages. Retrieved from
Conference paper
Montaut, N., Roztocki, P., Chemnitz, M., Sciara, S., MacLellan, B., Fischer, B., Jestin, Y., Cortes, L.R., Zhang, Y., Azana, J., Morandotti, R., Chu, S.T., Moss, D.J., Reimer, C., Kues, M., Little, B.E., Yu, H., Wang, Z., Caspani, L., Wetzel, B., Munro, W.J., Loranger, S., Kashyap, R. & Cino, A. (2022). Telecom-compatible, affordable and scalable quantum technologies. Paper presented at the IEEE Photonics Conference (IPC 2022), Vancouver, BC, Canada (2 pages). Retrieved from


Sébastien Loranger graduated from his PhD at Polytechnique Montréal in Engineering Physics. He then did a post-doctoral fellowship at the renowned Max-Planck Institute in Erlangan, Germany, after which he went to acquire some industrial experience as a R&D researcher at Photonova Inc. and ITF Technologies before joining Polytechnique as a professor.


  • ELE3500 : Electromagnetic waves
  • ELE8508 : Fundamental concepts in photonics


Supervision at Polytechnique


  • Ph.D. (1)

    • Jafari, Foroogh. High power laser combiner and photonic devices for space applications.