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Dr. Myriam Brochu and her research team are quantifying the relationships between fatigue properties, surface integrity and service environments.

One of the major objectives of Professor Brochu’s research is the development of efficient, versatile, and reliable fatigue-testing methods that will permit the simulation of a variety of stress states and gradients representative of in-service operating conditions. Application of these methodologies will help to provide information about advanced material and innovative component durability - knowledge is necessary for the development of accurate, versatile, prediction models for fatigue life-cycles.

Research is being conducted in a context where a lack of fundamental knowledge of and lack of experimental data about emerging materials and processes limits their use in applications where user and worker safety is an issue, such as transportation (aircrafts and bridges), biomedicine (implants) and energy production (hydroelectric infrastructures).

Research interests

Expertise type(s) (NSERC subjects)
  • 2001 Materials structure, properties and testing
  • 2108 Aerospace, aeronautical and automotive engineering
  • 2103 Plasticity, creep

Research staff

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External sources of funding

The Chair receives $120,000 annually over five years, provided by the Canada Research Chairs Program. The Chair also receives infrastructure funding of $175,000 from the John R. Evans Leaders Fund (CFI); $175,000 in funding from the Government of Québec, and a contribution of $107,791 from Polytechnique Montréal and partners, for a total of $457,791 earmarked for research infrastructure.