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Polytechnique posts an enrolment increase and is on track to pass the 30% mark for female students, 10 years ahead of the Canadian target

June 23, 2020 - Source : NEWS

In spite of the COVID-19 pandemic, Polytechnique Montréal is seeing impressive growth in the next generation – and semester! - of students, with enrolment surging by 8.5% for the Summer Semester. The largest increases are in Master’s and Certificate programs.

While the admissions process is still on-going, preliminary numbers for the Autumn semester are also very encouraging, as a greater number of students have already responded positively to Offers of Admission versus last year’s numbers. There has been a slight increase in positive responses at the undergraduate level (1.2%) and an extraordinary increase in incoming students for graduate programs (18%).

What’s more, 31% of positive responses at the bachelor’s level are women – notable given that Engineers Canada has committed to a goal of 30% of new female engineers in 2030. Polytechnique is well on its way to surpassing the 30% mark for new female students for this coming autumn - ten years ahead of the Canadian goal.

“This is excellent news,” enthused Philippe A. Tanguy, Polytechnique Montréal President. “Society needs a new generation of creative and innovative people, and we need women - who are half the population - to participate in scientific advances and in new technology creation. Over the years, Polytechnique has introduced a number of initiatives to help assist women develop and grow in engineering studies and careers, so we’re pleased to see the results of these initiatives.”

In the midst of preparing for the Autumn semester

At present, Polytechnique faculty and personnel are preparing courses for the Autumn semester - many of which will be taught online. More than 250 professors have already participated in webinars, summer schools, and numerous activities organized by Polytechnique Montréal’s Bureau d’appui et d’innovation pédagogique, whose goal is to assist professors to dynamically transform courses and educational activities. Overall, all of Polytechnique is hard at work, safeguarding and ensuring the scientific rigour for which Polytechnique is renowned, while offering students a stimulating experience despite physical distancing constraints that are gradually being relaxed in the province.

To learn more about this topic, visit the Polytechnique Montréal’s Women and Engineering website.

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