International students



Only students who fall into the abovementioned categories (reciprocal agreements or scholarship recipients) can opt out of Polytechnique’s compulsory health insurance plan.

If you fall into one of these categories, each year you must present proof of your health coverage before the deadlines below. Failure to comply with these dates will result in your being billed for the health insurance plan fees.

Scholarship recipients must provide the insurance card provided by their funding body.

Students who are nationals of countries that have a reciprocal agreement with Québec must provide proof of their eligibility for coverage by the RAMQ.


Semester Deadline
Fall 2015 Sep. 14, 2015
Winter 2016 Jan. 19, 2016
Summer 2016 May 13, 2016

N.B. Kindly note that these dates are non-negotiable.

Please note this information is not for the international students who participate to an internership. They have to present their eligibility as soon as possible.


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