International Students

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Talk to a student counsellor

Topics covered during consultations

  • Life in Montreal (moving, housing, transportation, opening a bank account, what to expect in winter, healthcare, etc.).
  • Administrative and immigration-related matters. Note that we do not offer consultations on permanent residency or work permits (except those required for mandatory internships and post-graduate work). For information on permanent residency, attend one of our workshops.
  • Budgeting (income/expenses, tuition fees, planning, etc.).
  • Financial aid (food assistance, emergency loans, etc.).
  • Academic planning (the education system, academic counselling, career counselling).
  • Family matters (spouse, children, parents, etc.).
  • Multicultural issues (adaptation and integration, culture shock, etc.).

Quick questions

If your question takes less than one minute to answer, you can speak to the international student advisor during our quick question sessions! Drop by the Service aux étudiants (C-240, Main Building) between the hours of 1:00 p.m. and 1:15 p.m. on Monday to Friday.  The advisor will be meeting with up to four students every day during this period.

* When the counsellor is absent, email assistance is available, with requests handled in priority sequence. See below for more details. In the event of an emergency requiring immediate help, go to the reception area at the Service aux étudiants (Student Services, room C-240).

Scheduled appointments

For matters requiring more detailed discussion, we kindly request that you book an appointment. Appointments are offered on most days (Monday to Friday), in the afternoon only, for a standard duration of 30 minutes. If necessary, a longer appointment may be offered during morning hours. Before booking an appointment, please visit our website, which provides answers to many frequently asked questions.

To book an appointment with the international student advisor, write to, or if you wish to meet with the international exchange program officer, please come to the Student Services reception or write to

Email assistance

You can also contact the International Student Office by email at: If you’re an exchange student, please write to the following email address: Given the high volume of questions received, it may take between one and five working days to provide a response. Longer response times can be expected during special events or when staff is away.