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The CREDEAU, founded in 2003, is a research, development and validation center for water treatment technologies and processes. The CREDEAU evolves from the working consortia of three Montreal universities: the École Polytechnique of Montréal, the École de Technologie Supérieure and McGill University.

The technological platform offered by the CREDEAU will be unique in Canada. It will enable researchers to test and validate most water treatment technologies at all three scales of demonstration: bench-scale jar testing, laboratory scale pilot testing and finally full-scale, on site, prototype testing.

Research themes of the CREDEAU will embrace the whole water cycle: drinking water, wastewater, industrial wastewater, stormwater and sewer overflows, sludge management and odor treatments.

In order to reach these objectives, the CREDEAU is sponsored by a 17.3 M$ grant by the Canadian Fund for Innovation (CFI), for the construction of new research laboratories, the acquisition of state-of-the art analytical equipment and purchase of various new water treatment technologies.


Our Professor

Benoît Barbeau, member researcher...

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