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Research Program

CREDEAU's unique technology platform allows testing and validating most water treatment technologies at the laboratory, test bench and semi-industrial pilot level. The projects proposed by CREDEAU are innovative and are part of the main research priorities identified in Quebec, Canada, and internationally. The research activities are focused on the following areas:

Theme 1 : Drinking water treatment and distribution
  • Drinking Water Source Protection
  • Assessment of climate change impacts on water resources
  • Design and optimization of treatment processes
  • Removal of emerging organic contaminants
  • Drinking water distribution system modelling
Theme 2 : Wastewater Treatment
  • Biological and physicochemical treatment of wastewater
  • Phosphorus removal by biological, physical and chemical processes
  • Treatment and effective use of pig manure and fish waste
  • Optimization of municipal wastewater treatment plants
Theme 3: Industrial Wastewater
  • Treatment processes, prevention, and reduction of discharges at source
  • Integration of separation technologies to promote recovery and recycling
  • Membrane technology development
  • Life cycle analysis
Theme 4 : Overflow Water from Sewer Collection Systems
  • Stormwater management in sewer systems
  • Development of macromolecules adapted to the treatment of overflow waters
Theme 5 : Sludge Management & Odor Treatment
  • Innovative biological drying process for pulp and paper mill sludge