Workshop on sustainable electronics: materials, processes and devices



This workshop aims at connecting academic research and industry on the theme of sustainable electronics. The field is in its infancy despite the urgent need to (i) improve the management of electrical and electronic waste (WEEE) and (ii) re-think the supply chain in the electronics industry in terms of environmental and social regulations.

The expected impact of the workshop is twofold: catalyze synergies between university and industry on issues related to reuse, recycle and degrade electronic devices as well as boost exploratory work on green materials and processes of potential interest for device applications. The participation of several companies indicates the number of business opportunities in the field of sustainable electronics.

We wish Canada to produce world-first results in the field of sustainable electronics (e.g. through the elaboration of degradation/compostability strategies, still missing at the international level).

The topics addressed include green materials and devices, sustainable processes in electronics, reuse, recycle and degradation of devices, urban mining.

Canadian and international speakers will discuss key actions to be taken by academia and industry to solve problems intrinsically global, such as WEEE. This will bring Canada in a position to better shape the world we live in.