Welcome to SEUNet 2018!


Due to many requests, the submission deadline has been extended to August 10, 2018 (Firm Deadline).

Selected papers, after further extensions, will be considered for submission and publication in the Special Issue "Algorithm and Distributed Computing for the Internet of Things" of the Journal Sensors (Impact Factor: 2.475).


All accepted papers of the workshop will be published in the 14th WiMob proceedings. All the Conference content will be submitted for inclusion into IEEE Xplore as well as other Abstracting and Indexing (A&I) databases.

SEUNet 2017 was a great success with a full day of large number of accepted papers and high level of presentations. Following the same streamline of SEUNet'17, we are pleased to organize SEUNet 2018!

This third edition aims at exploring cutting edge ideas and solutions for the challenges related to the rapid world urbanization and its impact on the functioning of traditional networking environments.

The missions of SEUNet 2018 are to uphold research activities in the areas of smart environments and urban networking, share innovative research solutions to current smart environments applications development challenges and identify new technical issues, directions and perspectives for future research and development.

More specifically, SEUNet 2018 aims at bringing together under one roof researchers, scientists, industry practitioners and other like-minded people to present research on all practical and theoretical aspects of the modeling, design, implementation, deployment and management of smart environments algorithms, protocols, architectures, and systems.

To this end, SEUNet 2018 solicits submission of papers describing significant and innovative research contributions that address technical challenges and issues appearing from the integration, interworking and redefinition of new Internet architectures as well as challenges rising from the integration and interoperation of ubiquitous computing technologies in heterogeneous 5G urban environments. Contributions devoted to the evaluation, optimization and enhancement of smart environments and urban networking mechanisms for current technologies, as well as devising efficient smart environments solutions for emerging areas, from physical-layer to the application layer technology, are also solicited.