About Polytechnique Montreal

Secretary General

Annick Paquette

Me Annick Paquette, secrétaire générale de Polytechnique MontréalAnnick Paquette has been Secretary General of Polytechnique Montréal since May 1, 2022. She plays a leading role in Polytechnique’s governance, mainly through the various institutional bodies and legal affairs. As an officer of the Corporation, she oversees the integrity of practices and processes as well as compliance with applicable laws, regulations and internal regulatory mechanisms. She is responsible for the Bureau d’intervention et de prévention des conflits et de la violence (office for conflict and violence prevention and intervention—BIPCV) and the office of the ombudsman.


A law graduate of Université de Montréal (LLB – 2002) Mtre Paquette holds a graduate degree in North American Common Law (Juris Doctor – 2004) from the same institution and a certificate in administration from HEC Montréal (2013). In 2021, she completed the university certification program in corporate governance at Université Laval’s Collège des administrateurs de sociétés.

After being called to the Québec Bar in 2004, she began her career at a national firm, where she practised commercial, civil and administrative litigation. Mtre Paquette then worked as a legal advisor in the legal department of a public body and at a professional order before joining Polytechnique Montréal’s General Secretariat in 2014 as legal advisor and deputy secretary general. From 2019 to 2022, she was Director of Legal Affairs and Deputy Secretary General, while also serving as Acting Secretary General in 2020.