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Jean-Lou Chameau


Born in France, Jean-Lou Chameau has a distinguished career in the academic community for nearly thirty years. After beginning his academic career at Purdue University, Jean-Lou Chameau has taught at Georgia Institute of Technology, where he has served as dean and then provost of the School of Engineering, the largest of its kind to United States. During his career at Georgia Tech, he played a key role in the creation of the Institute for Sustainable Technology and Development. For three years, Jean-Lou Chameau is president of the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), one of the largest engineering and scientific institutions in the world. Mr. Camel is also very active in the business. He notably presided for two years the international consulting company Golder Associates and he now sits on the Board of Internet2, a consortium of universities which aims to develop applications and networked technologies in partnership with industry and the government.

The award of an honorary doctorate by Polytechnique Montreal recognizes the competence and excellence of a person whose work or contribution to science or business - related mainly to engineering, technology or related fields- has been recognized nationally or internationally.