Respecting health and safety Guidelines & procedures: required adherance for all Polytechnique community members - June 25, 2020

Good day to all,

Over the past few weeks, the entire Polytechnqiue community has witnessed the progressive resumption of laboratory research activities. At present, there are some 300 individuals working each day on-campus at Polytechnique, and the hard work and dedication of Polytechnique personnel have translated into the implementation of measures that safeguard the responsible resumption of research activities.

As you know, activity resumption in Polytechnqiue buildings is conditional on the implementation and respect of strict health and safety guidelines. The latter ensure the security of all those present on campus, and keep transmission risks as low as possible, given workplace circumstances. Polytechnique would like to remind all community members that numerous resources have been made available to inform and equip the community, including the Activity Resumption Guide at Polytechnique Montréal during the pandemic, as well as mandatory training, accessible via Moodle.

While some health and safety measures may seem cumbersome, the health and safety of all those present on campus is critical. COVID-19 has not disappeared – and only consistent, responsible safety measures can curb its progress. More Polytechnique community members will be returning to campus over the course of the following months, as such, carefully and consistently following health and safety guidelines is essential, no matter your position at Polytechnique. Not following established health and safety guidelines not only puts your health and that of your colleagues in danger, it's an act of disrespect that may result in disciplinary measures, including explusion. 

Polytechnique thanks all who continue to steadfastly follow proper procedures. The combined efforts of the Polytechnique community unite us, and prove how capable the community is at successfully navigating research activity resumption, as well as the many challenges we’ve all faced in recent months.

After a trying springtime, we wish everyone a beautiful summer!


Philippe A. Tanguy, Ph.D., Eng.

François Bertrand, Ph.D., Eng.
Senior Vice-President, Vice-President – Academic and Research


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