List of on-campus courses and details about Autumn 2020 semester - June 30, 2020

Good day to all,

The present communique will provide students with information about on-campus activities, as well as details about the Autumn 2020 semester.

The following also addresses recommendations for International and Exchange Students, and Double-Diploma students. Please consult this webpage to become acquainted with the document entitled Recommandations (.pdf) à l’intention des étudiants internationaux et des étudiants en échange, en stage et en double diplôme.

A relatively significant proportion of courses will take place remotely this Autumn 2020 semester. To maintain the dynamic atmosphere inherent to engineering studies at Polytechnique Montréal, the institution wishes to welcome students to campus, where possible. Academic activities will therefore take place partially or entirely on campus.

New students will have the possibility to take at least one course where classes are largely held on-campus, in order to promote their integration into Polytechnique. For those in their second term or more, at least one activity (class, lab, project-related activity) should be available for on-campus participation.

The aforementioned activities will take place in a setting that adheres to health and safety guidelines; should new health and safety protocols be required, Polytechnique will revert to courses held entirely via e-learning.

Course status tableau – all programs (Autumn 2020)

Please consult this webpage to view the table entitled Statut des cours donnés au trimestre de l’automne 2020 (.pdf) – en présentiel ou à distance. Course code colours are explained below:

Courses outlined in  red
Indicates that the majority of classes will be held on-campus; physical presence at Polytechnique required.

Courses outlined in  purple
Indicates that course projects require on-campus meetings; physical presence at Polytechnique is generally required (exceptions can be made).

Courses outlined in  black
Indicates that the course includes lab sessions that will be held on-campus; physical presence at Polytechnique is preferable.

Courses outlined in  blue
Indicates that the course can be attended on-campus or remotely; physical presence at Polytechnique is not required. The number of such courses could be increased by the beginning of the semester.

Courses that have no outline

Indicates that the course is offered entirely via e-learning. The final exam may be held on-campus, as per the professor’s decision. International students will be able to have accommodations made if the final exam is held on-campus.


Only International students may have accommodations made if a final exam must be held on-campus. Rules and regulations concerning absences for final exams for « motif valable » (legitimate reasons) apply. As a result, students who can provide legitimate justification for their absence during a final exam will be able to access a deferred exam, as per the Règlements des études.

Ensuring motivation, success, and well-being

The Polytechnique campus is a place of learning, studying, as well as being a vibrant, living community that fosters personal growth. Over the past few months, Polytechnique has worked diligently to ensure the health and safety of its community members, and has adapted activities in order to ensure student and personnel well-being.

Aware of the importance of the campus experience in students’ success, and seeking balance in the overall university experience, we will continue on this path in the fall with exciting programming.

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact:


Philippe A. Tanguy, Ph.D., Eng.

François Bertrand, Ph.D., Eng.
Senior Vice-President
Vice-President – Academic and Research


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