Gradual resumption of professional activities at Polytechnique – July 6, 2020

Good day to all,

The resumption of research activities at Polytechnique has been a success, and as a result, the gradual resumption of professional activities at Polytechnique will proceed over the course of the summer.

Progressive return to on-campus work

The gradual resumption of professional activities at Polytechnique will take place until the back-to-school season, while respecting public heath and safety measures. Services and departments with personnel returning to campus, require approval of Activity Resumption Plans; supervisors will advise personnel of the date on which they will be required to return to campus.

Creation of a Comité de conseil et de suivi (Advisory and Follow-up Committee)

A Comité de conseil et de suivi will be established shortly; their mandate will be to guide and support the supervisors and managers of various departments and services in terms of activity resumption. As required, the Comité will also participate in the adjustment of Activity Resumption Plans put forth by departments and services.

Updating - Activity Resumption guides

In order for Polytechnique’s professional activity resumption to occur under the best possible health and safety related circumstances, activity resumption guides available on Polyvirtuel are presently being updated – new tools and information are being added to pre-existing guides.

More specifically, Polytechnique has added information to the Guide pour une reprise sécuritaire des activités de recherche (Guide to the Safe Research Activity Resumption), wherein additional details have been added that relate to procedures to follow in the following health and safety contexts:

  • Workplaces that are off the Polytechnique campus (namely partner facilities);
  • Fieldwork;
  • Research involving human subjects;
  • Transportation via ride-sharing or other means.

The Service des stages et emplois de Polytechnique has also added an extensive Appendix to the Guide, which lists workplace health and safety measures per industry, taking into account appropriate COVID-19 protocols.

A new guide entitled Plan de reprise des activités de soutien à l’enseignement et à la recherche (Teaching and Research Support Activity Resumption Plan) will be made available in the same location as the aforementioned guides in the coming days. The former Guide will assist personnel and supervisors in planning the resumption of professional activities, and sets clear guidelines. Those who are already present on-campus must also, over the coming weeks, establish a plan for their continued activities alongside their supervisors.

We thank you for your cooperation.


Philippe A. Tanguy, Ph.D., Eng.

François Bertrand, Ph.D., Eng.
Senior Vice-President, Vice-President – Academic and Research


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