Details on the resumption of activities

Greetings everyone,

Today we are providing you with some details about student attendance at Polytechnique this coming fall, as well as an update on the gradual resumption of research activities.

Presence of students and staff in the fall of 2020

Contrary to some reports that appeared in the media on May 26, the Government of Québec has not issued directives to universities regarding a specific percentage of students on campus in the fall. Polytechnique, like the other universities, has full discretion as to the number of students and members of staff who will be present this autumn. Our obligations concern the health measures necessary for this return, and on which we are actively working.

As previously announced, the fall semester will take place mainly online. Like the Government of Québec, we believe that the presence of students in universities breaks the isolation and provides a structure that promotes their success. Our goal is to ensure that all registrants have the opportunity to safely participate in on-site academic activities at Polytechnique. However, the volume of these activities will depend on our accommodation capacities, in line with the directives that will be in effect in the fall. The health and well-being of our community remains the priority.

Some students are wondering if they should reserve housing in Montréal. Although this is a personal decision, we hope that many of them will do so in order to take full advantage of the activities offered in our buildings. However, we realize that this will not be possible for everyone. For those who will not be able to attend the courses held in Polytechnique’s classrooms, we will offer alternative solutions, as we have already announced.

Deconfinement pilot project

The deconfinement of the Department of Electrical Engineering research units is now complete at the Lassonde buildings. The Department of Computer Engineering and Software Engineering is in the process of finalizing its own. The resumption of research activities in all these buildings will therefore begin at the start of next week.

Guide and training available to prepare for a safe return to work

The Guide for Activity Resumption at Polytechnique Montréal During the Pandemic, written for the entire Polytechnique community, will be available shortly. (Update June 8, 2020 - guide is now available)

This Guide is intended to be a “living” document—meaning it may be changed and updated—that sets out the overall deconfinement strategy to be implemented so that we can fulfil our mission as a university while minimizing the risk of the spread of COVID-19. This strategy is based on government recommendations and best practices in infection control.

In addition, as of June 1, 2020, an online training course, mandatory for all those who will be returning to Polytechnique Montréal buildings, is available on Moodle.

Your co-operation is essential to ensure that the directives contained in the Guide and in the training are strictly respected throughout Polytechnique.

Development of action plans in all departments

Procedures to enable the gradual resumption of research activities in all Polytechnique buildings in compliance with public health rules have been distributed to all departments. Each research team is developing a detailed action plan for its members’ return to work. This plan must be endorsed by the department concerned. After the approval of these plans and the training of personnel, the return to work can take place in the other buildings.

Professors' and teachers' access to their offices for course preparation

Beginning June 8, 2020, teachers and professors will once again be able to access their offices if the preparation of their summer and fall courses so requires. They are invited to contact their department to discuss arrangements for their return.

Return to normal for parking lots

As of June 8, 2020, free parking will no longer be available at Polytechnique. All permit holders will be able to access the outdoor parking lots with their current parking sticker. Non-permit-holders will have to pay the usual fees in accordance with the parking period. The parking lots at the Lassonde and Bombardier buildings will remain closed until further notice.

Many thanks to our teams

For the past nearly three months, we have been dealing with an unprecedented and highly uncertain situation that has required increased co-operation from all sectors, departments and services. We wish to thank all those involved for their collaboration and contribution.

Philippe A. Tanguy, Ph.D., ing.

François Bertrand, Ph.D., ing.
Senior Vice-President and
Vice-President Academic and Research


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