Women and Engineering

Partnership with Rio Tinto

Partenariat Polytechnique-Rio Tinto pour les filles


Rio Tinto, the largest mining and metals company operating in Canada, has committed to assisting Polytechnique Montréal in achieving a female graduation rate of at least 30% by 2030, an objective inspired by Engineers Canada’s cross-country “30 in 30” initiative.

With this support from Rio Tinto, we are able to reach more young women with a positive, inclusive message: “Science and engineering are for you as well!”

“Rio Tinto views gender-mixed teams as an asset, and supporting Polytechnique’s youth awareness projects is an effective way for us to be on the ground encouraging young women as well as young men in their careers.” - Josée Girard, Vice-President, Human Resources, Rio Tinto Aluminium


The program

Empowering experiences

We are developing teaching tools and training teams of facilitators to present a series of in-class awareness activities and workshops at the primary, secondary and college levels. They feature entertaining learning content that draws on new technologies.

Inspiring women models

Young girls will get to know inspiring women role models.


The program includes the awarding of Polytechnique entrance scholarships, as well as perseverance and excellence bursaries for girls.

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