Women and Engineering

30.2% female bachelor’s degree graduates in 2020


“I'd like to congratulate Polytechnique Montréal for reaching this important milestone in its graduates. I'm convinced that women will have a major role to play in Québec's economic recovery once the pandemic is over. I'm very happy to see the percentage of women steadily increasing in male-dominated fields such as engineering. Our society needs ambitious women, their skills, and their vision. Polytechnique has understood this well."
Danielle McCann, Minister of Higher Education

“Polytechnique Montréal's success is a shining example that action is a generator of change. Bravo to your institution for its sustained efforts, and bravo to all young women who have chosen to study engineering! Québec needs you, your ideas, your creativity, and your talent. Female representation in male-dominated fields is an important component of equality between women and men. There is still a long way to go, but it's important to highlight successes - including Polytechnique's achievements in this respect."
Isabelle Charest, Minister for Education and Minister Responsible for the Status of Women

“My alma mater has just passed the historic milestone of 30.2% women engineering graduates from the Bachelors' class of 2020. It's is a step that deserves to be celebrated, and clearly demonstrates that all the initiatives to demystify science in general, and to encourage women and youth to choose this field of study are yielding convincing results. Above all, it confirms that passion for science is felt throughout Québec and internationally. In particular, I'd like to acknowledge Polytechnique's commitment and vision in achieving this objective. Now, more than ever, let's encourage our youth to discover and to love science!"
Dominique Anglade, Polytechnique Montréal graduate and leader of the provincial official opposition

“Congratulations to Polytechnique Montréal for its sustained work in recent years to ensure improved representation of women in engineering. It's inspiring to see that more and more women have chosen engineering, and will in turn shape the development of our society in a multitude of sectors, from the current environmental transition to the field of construction. I offer my sincere congratulations to these new graduates: we need you to meet today and tomorrow’s challenges, and to build a greener, more inclusive, and more resilient city!"
Valérie Plante, Mayor of the City of Montreal

“While women have been hit hard by the pandemic, I'm very happy to learn that we have met an historic milestone in 2020, of women engineering graduates at Polytechnique. This breakthrough of women graduates in gender-exclusive disciplines such as engineering represents genuine hope for a change in perception. By focusing on current social issues, women who have chosen this professional path are an essential economic asset for Québec. "
Pierre Arcand, Member of Parliament for MontRoyal – Outremont

“Polytechnique Montréal is an example for Québec and Canada in terms of gender equality in access to engineering careers. This now-crossed historic threshold of 30% of female graduates is extremely important and very encouraging for the place occupied by women and girls in our society. Like all Outremont denizens, I'm very proud to be able to rely on Polytechnique's work, as well as the work of other renowned institutions in our community, to promote female leadership."
Rachel Bendayan, Member of Parliament for Outremont

“To fully serve the common good, engineering must rely on all available talent. Increased women's representation within the profession is essential to achieve this. As a partner of the 30 in 30 Initiative, the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec congratulates Polytechnique Montréal in reaching this important milestone in engineering's journey towards a more diversified and inclusive profession.”
Kathy Baig, Polytechnique Montréal graduate and Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec President. 

“Congratulations to the students, faculty, and staff of Polytechnique Montréal on this historic achievement. Post-secondary institutions play an integral role in improving diversity, equity, and inclusion in engineering and helping us achieve “30 by 30”. We're encouraged by Polytechnique's impact in advancing gender equity and we are keen to learn from their example.”
Jean Boudreau, President, Engineers Canada

“Women's place and women in leadership are among the Young Chamber of Commerce of Montréal's priorities. Among other things, this requires progress in terms of female graduates in key sectors where women are less visible - in this case, engineering. This news represents fresh hope that change is happening within the engineering profession, and more broadly, in society as well."
Déborah Cherenfant, President - Young Chamber of Commerce of Montreal

Polytechnique Montréal is 10 years ahead of Engineers Canada's goal of 30% women engineers by 2030.

To highlight the this historic milestone achievement and discuss the place of women in engineering, are: Kathy Baig (Chemical Engineering graduate; President - Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec), Mederith Alousi-Jones (Vice-President - Poly-Fi committee; Master's of Civil Engineering student; Mechanical Engineering graduate), Jean-Michel Dotonou (Poly-L ambassador; bachelor's student in Industrial Engineering), Annie Ross (Full Professor; Deputy Vice-President - Education and Research) and Michèle Thibodeau-DeGuire (Honorary President – Polytechnique Board of Directors; first woman graduate in Civil Engineering).