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Research interests and affiliations

Research interests
  • Antimicrobial resistance
  • Microfluidics-based imaging
  • Rapid diagnostics
  • Single-molecule spectroscopy
  • Microscopy development


  • High-throughput imaging
  • Single-molecule biophysics
  • Super-resolution microscopy
  • Ultrasensitive biosensing
  • Single-particle tracking
  • Instrument engineering
Expertise type(s) (NSERC subjects)
  • 1901 Biomedical technology
  • 2006 Biomaterials
  • 3113 Biophysics
  • 3403 Spectroscopy
  • 3404 Biophysical chemistry


Recent publications
Journal article
Allen, D., Weiss, L.E., Saguy, A., Rosenberg, M., Iancu, O., Matalon, O., Lee, C., Beider, K., Nagler, A., Shechtman, Y. & Hendel, A. (2022). High-throughput Imaging of CRISPR- and Recombinant Adeno-associated Virus-induced DNA Damage Response in Human Hematopoietic Stem and Progenitor Cells. Crispr Journal, 5(1), 80-94. Retrieved from
Journal article
Naor, T., Nogin, Y., Nehme, E., Ferdman, B., Weiss, L.E., Alalouf, O. & Shechtman, Y. (2022). Quantifying cell cycle dependent chromatin dynamics during interphase by live 3D tracking. iScience, 25(5), 18 pages. Retrieved from
Journal article
Adir, O., Albalak, M.R., Abel, R., Weiss, L.E., Chen, G., Gruber, A., Staufer, O., Kurman, Y., Kaminer, I., Shklover, J., Shainsky-Roitman, J., Platzman, I., Gepstein, L., Shechtman, Y., Horwitz, B.A. & Schroeder, A. (2022). Synthetic cells with self-activating optogenetic proteins communicate with natural cells. Nature Communications, 13(1), 13 pages. Retrieved from
Journal article
Sedov, E., Koren, E., Chopra, S., Ankawa, R., Yosefzon, Y., Yusupova, M., Weiss, L.E., Mahly, A., Soffer, A., Feldman, A., Luxenburg, C., Shechtman, Y. & Fuchs, Y. (2022). THY1-mediated mechanisms converge to drive YAP activation in skin homeostasis and repair. Nature Cell Biology, 24(7), 36 pages. Retrieved from


PHS6953HE - Tools of Biophysics, Winter 2022

PHS6953HE - Tools of Biophysics, Fall 2022

PHS1903 - Initial design project in engineering physics, Fall 2022


  • Visiting Scientist - University of Cambridge 2021
  • Zuckerman Postdoctoral Fellow - Technion Israel Institute of Technology 2021
  • PhD - Stanford University 2017
  • BA - Harvard University 2010

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