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Research project title

Trust and cybersecurity in 5G

Education level

Master or doctorate


Director: Nora Boulahia Cuppens

End of display

March 23, 2026

Areas of expertise


Artificial intelligence

Primary sphere of excellence in research

Information and Communication Technologies

Secondary sphere(s) of excellence in research

Modeling and Artificial Intelligence

Industry of the Future and Digital Society

Unit(s) and department(s)

Department of Computer Engineering and Software Engineering


Expected profile:

•  Computer science or cybersecurity program enrolled. 

•  Strong understanding of 5G network architecture, including software-defined networks (SDN), network function virtualization (NFV), 5G security specifications, and potential challenges. 

•  Machine Learning Expertise: Proficiency in classification, regression, and clustering algorithms

•  Excellent programming skills, especially Python, used in data analysis. 

• Ability to work within a team,  share ideas, and collaborate closely with other researchers, students, and professionals. 

•  Very good skills in both written and oral communication. 

Detailed description

5G technologies, such as software-defined networking (SDN) and cloud computing, present security, privacy, and trust challenges. Communications Service Providers (CSPs) and Hyperscale Cloud Providers (HCPs) are partnering to implement 5G services, but coordination issues arise due to increased interoperability. A networking-based trust model must meet legal, cybersecurity, and ethical criteria, including Quality of Trust (QoT). End users face challenges in selecting reliable HCPs from a variety of providers offering similar services. 

 MSc and Ph.D. students candidates are invited to participate in a research project with our industrial partener Ericsson. The project aims to develop innovative technologies and management capabilities for trust-related data quality, such as trust management for 5G services, machine learning approaches, and a global trust analysis framework. 

Students will gain practical experience in software systems modeling, virtualization, data analytics, advanced machine learning, and cybersecurity. They will improve Trust Management in 5G systems deployed on virtualized environments, enhancing their job market skills. Interns will have access to workspace, documents, and computer facilities, while ensuring privacy concerns with datasets. 

Financing possibility

Scholarship will be granted.