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Carlos Ovalle
Eng. M.Sc., Ph.D.

Research interests and affiliations

Research interests
  • Experimental geotechnics
  • Hydromechanical degradation of geomaterials
  • Constitutive modeling
  • Valorization of mine wastes and tailings
  • Mine waste management
  • Characterization of coarse granular materials
Expertise type(s) (NSERC subjects)
  • 1002 Geotechnical engineering (including engineering geology)
  • 1401 Mining engineering


Journal article
Ovalle, C. (2018). Role of particle breakage in primary and secondary compression of wet and dry sand. Geotechnique Letters, 8(2), 161-164. Retrieved from
Book chapter
Dano, C., Ovalle, C., Yin, Z.-Y., Daouadji, A. & Hicher, P.-Y. (2018). Behavior of Granular Materials Affected by Grain Breakage. In Advances in Multi-Physics and Multi-Scale Couplings in Geo-Environmental Mechanics (pp. 95-132). Retrieved from
Conference paper
Edwards, S., Aron, F., Cembrano, J., Crempien, J., Gardner, J., Nazar, R., Ovalle, C. & Santibáñez, I. (2018). Exposure of Chilean Tailings to Earthquake Hazards from Potentially Seismogenic Crustal Faults [Abstract]. Paper presented at the 2018 Seismology of the Americas Meeting, Latin American and Caribbean Seismological Commission, Miami, Florida. (Published in Seismological Research Letters, 89(2B), 826). Retrieved from
Conference paper
Urbano, S., Puma, D., Sáez, E. & Ovalle, C. (2017). Seismic stability analysis of a large thickened tailings deposit. Paper presented at the 19th International Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ICSMGE 2017), Seoul, Korea.
Journal article
Ovalle, C., Voivret, C., Dano, C. & Hicher, P.Y. (2016). Population balance in confined comminution using a physical based probabilistic approach for polydisperse granular materials. International Journal for Numerical and Analytical Methods in Geomechanics, 40(17), 2383-2397. Retrieved from
Conference paper
Ovalle, C., Bard, E., Dano, C., Hicher, P.-Y., Dorador, L., Campaña, J., Palma, C. & Acuña, G. (2015). A Review of Large Triaxial Tests on Coarse Rockfill Samples. Paper presented at the 15th Pan-American Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, Buenos Aires, Argentina (pp. 3256-3263). Retrieved from
Journal article
Ovalle, C., Dano, C., Hicher, P.-Y. & Cisternas, M. (2015). Experimental framework for evaluating the mechanical behavior of dry and wet crushable granular materials based on the particle breakage ratio. Canadian Geotechnical Journal, 52(5), 587-598. Retrieved from
Journal article
Ovalle, C., Frossard, E., Dano, C., Hu, W., Maiolino, S. & Hicher, P.-Y. (2014). The effect of size on the strength of coarse rock aggregates and large rockfill samples through experimental data. Acta Mechanica, 225(8), 2199-2216. Retrieved from