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Research interests and affiliations

Research interests
  • Magnetism and electromagnetic properties of materials
  • Transport and spin dynamics in magnetic nanostructures
  • Magnetic polaritons and strong photon-magnon coupling
  • Microwave and THz magnetic resonance
  • Classical and quantum magnetic sensors
  • Ultrasensitive magnetometry and magnetic noise
  • Spintronics and magnonics devices
  • Magnetic resonance spectroscopy
  • Giant magnetoimpedance
Expertise type(s) (NSERC subjects)
  • 2012 Magnetic materials
  • 2520 Microwave and millimeterwave devices, circuits and technologies
  • 3305 Magnetic properties and magnetic materials
  • 3108 Experimental methods and instrumentation
  • 3312 Mesoscopic physics
  • 3302 Electronic properties of solids
  • 3303 Surfaces, interfaces and thin films
  • 3307 Transport properties


Recent publications


Comprehensive list (past and present)

  • PHS1102: Electromagnetic fields
  • PHS1902: Introduction to engineering physics and project
  • PHS2111: Statistical physics
  • PHS2112: Electromagntetism: fundamentals and applications
  • PHS3104: Quantum mechanics II
  • PHS3301: Solid state physics I
  • PHS3302: Solid state physics II
  • PHS4902: Final project
  • PHS6316: Mesoscopic physics

Supervision at Polytechnique


News about David Ménard

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Press review about David Ménard

February 27, 2024, La Presse, Du rêve… à la réalisation David Ménard, professeur au Département de génie physique, parle des aspirations des étudiants à vouloir changer le monde en apprenant les cours fondamentaux.