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Hydrogeology and Mining Environment Laboratory

Phone: (514) 340-4711 Ext. 4427 Fax: (514) 340-4191

Research areas description

  1. Monitoring and follow up of projects, waste disposal sites, local and macroscopic hydrogeological analyses by budget methods.
  2. Hydraulic barriers, liners and covers.
  3. Hydrogeologic and environmental problems related to mine tailings.
  4. Interaction between hydraulic, mechanical and thermal properties of natural and artificial geomaterials.
  5. Improvement of the quality of in situ hydraulic tests and development of interpretation methods: piezometric values, permeability tests, acquifer tests.
  6. Tracer tests in columns and during aquifer pumping.
  7. Improvement of the quality of laboratory permeability tests (saturated and unsaturated).
  8. Physical modelling (laboratory).
  9. Numerical modelling (computer) of saturated and unsaturated flow.

And in collaboration with professors Denis Marcotte and Michel Chouteau :

  1. Geostatistics applied to contamination problems.
  2. Geophysics applied to ground water pollution.

Research staff

Professors / researchers (3)
Number of graduate students: 15
Number of postdoctoral fellows :1
Number of research agents: 1

Specialized equipment

  • High pressure triaxial cells
  • Rigid-wall permeameters
  • Horizontal permeameters
  • Oedometers
  • Water suction measuring equipment
  • Data acquisition systems for TDR probes
  • Equipment to measure oxygen in soils
  • Pore pressure transducers (for dynamic studies, positive and negative pressures)
  • Tensiometers
  • Data acquisition systems (field and laboratory) of which two have 16 channels
  • Instrumented ½ sandbox » to simulate reduced scale field tests