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Jean-Philippe Harvey
Maîtrise en génie métallurgique, Phd en génie métallurgique

Phone: (514) 340-4711 Ext. 4770 Fax: (514) 340-4159 Room: AA-6457

Research interests and affiliations

Research interests
  • Multiscale thermodynamics applied to material science
  • Simulation and optimization of high temperature metallurgical processes
  • Atomistic simulations of liquid, solid and amorphous solutions
  • Numerical analysis applied to material science
  • Technological material selection : steel, light metal alloys, bulk metallic glasses,etc.
Expertise type(s) (NSERC subjects)


Recent publications
Journal article
Harvey, J.-P., Saadatkhah, N., Dumont-Vandewinkel, G., Ackermann, S. & Patience, G.S. (2018). Experimental Methods in Chemical Engineering: Differential Scanning Calorimetry-DSC. Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, 96(12), 2518-2525. Retrieved from
Journal article
Gheribi, A.E., Pelton, A.D., Belisle, E., Le Digabel, S. & Harvey, J.-P. (2018). On the prediction of low-cost high entropy alloys using new thermodynamic multi-objective criteria. Acta Materialia, 161, 73-82. Retrieved from
Journal article
Gheribi, A.E., Harvey, J.P., Belisle, E., Robelin, C., Chartrand, P., Pelton, A.D., Bale, C.W. & Le Digabel, S. (2016). Use of a biobjective direct search algorithm in the process design of material science applications. Optimization and Engineering, 17(1), 27-45. Retrieved from
Journal article
Harvey, J.P., Gheribi, A.E. & Asimow, P.D. (2015). A self-consistent optimization of multicomponent solution properties: Ab initio molecular dynamic simulations and the MgO-SiO₂ miscibility gap under pressure. Geochimica Et Cosmochimica Acta, 161, 146-165. Retrieved from

Supervision at Polytechnique


  • Master's Thesis (1)

    • Pilote, L. (2018). Développement d'un modèle thermodynamique pour les alliages d'usinage Al-Mg-X(X=Bi, Pb, Sn) afin d'optimiser les teneurs en Bi, Pb et Sn (Master's Thesis, École Polytechnique de Montréal). Retrieved from