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Polytechnique Montréal signs general agreement with Université PSL in France

June 27, 2023 - Source : NEWS

Polytechnique Montréal and Université Paris Sciences et Lettres (Université PSL) have signed a far-reaching agreement to facilitate academic mobility and research collaboration in engineering and all areas of study.

Polytechnique Montréal et Université PSL


On June 20, 2023, Polytechnique Montréal representatives on a mission in France signed a multi-faceted agreement with Université PSL. This university provides instruction and conducts research in a variety of disciplines through 11 schools: Chimie ParisTech-PSL, Collège de France, Conservatoire National Supérieur d'Art dramatique-PSL, École Nationale des Chartes-PSL, École normale supérieure-PSL, École Pratique des Hautes Études-PSL, ESPCI Paris-PSL, Institut Curie, MINES Paris-PSL, Observatoire de Paris-PSL and Université Paris Dauphine-PSL.

Under the agreement, Polytechnique Montréal and Université PSL will promote joint research projects and exchange opportunities for faculty members and students (degree-seeking and non-degree-seeking). The agreement will also enable the two institutions to develop thesis co-supervision arrangements and support student mobility through internships and research residencies.

In addition, Polytechnique Montréal and Université PSL will establish a joint annual fund to support mobility for faculty members interested in exploring new research collaborations or strengthening existing ones. Every year, this will involve a coordinated annual call for projects followed by a selection process conducted by a committee with representatives from both institutions. 

Polytechnique Montréal already has agreements with three Université PSL institutions that specialize in engineering, namely ESPCI-PSL, MINES Paris-PSL and Chimie ParisTech-PSL. These agreements allow for student exchanges, the awarding of double degrees and PhD thesis co-supervision. They will remain in force until they expire.

"I'm delighted that the longstanding relationship between Polytechnique Montréal and Université PSL has been expanded. This will allow us to share and advance knowledge in engineering and the many disciplines that benefit from it," said Maud Cohen, President of Polytechnique Montréal. "Stronger ties between our establishments will lead to tangible benefits for our respective university communities and ultimately for society as large as we gain know-how and make new discoveries. This agreement underscores the international reach of our university, which is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year."

"Signing this agreement with Polytechnique Montréal is an exciting development," said Jennifer Heurley, Vice President of International Relations at Université PSL. "Université PSL has been reviewing its portfolio of international partners and retaining those who, based on their profile and priorities, demonstrate potential for long-term collaborations that span the education, research and innovation continuum. Polytechnique Montréal and PSL share the belief that cutting-edge research should be central to student education if we want to produce responsible engineers who are capable of finding innovative solutions to environmental, social and economic needs, while maintaining open and ongoing dialogue with industrial players."

"This agreement follows well-established collaboration agreements with PSL's three member engineering schools: ESPCI-PSL, ChimieParisTech-PSL and MINES Paris-PSL. It adds research and strategic dimensions by enabling the creation of a joint fund aimed at supporting key priorities set by a joint France-Canada committee. This initiative will lead to calls for projects in the fields of new technologies and climate change."

Les personnes présentes lors de la signature de l'accord général entre Polytechnique Montréal et l'Université PSL. (Photo : Université PSL)
Left to right: Arnaud Tourin, Vice President, Research, Science and Society, Université PSL; Vincent Laflèche, Director, Mines Paris-PSL; Christian Lerminiaux, Director, Chimie ParisTech-PSL; Émilie Brière, Head, Institutional, Government and Community Relations, Polytechnique Montréal; Jennifer Heurley, Vice President, International Relations, Université PSL; Alain Fuchs, President, Université PSL; Maud Cohen, President, Polytechnique Montréal; François Bertrand, Director, Research and Innovation, Polytechnique Montréal; Jean-Baptiste D'Espinose de Lacaillerie, Professor and Head of North American University Relations, ESPCI Paris-PSL.
(Photo: Université PSL)

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