Welcome to Women In STEM!

Women In STEM is a networking event that aims at bringing together researchers, academicians, industry participants, professionals and other like minded people with a common objective of highlighting the contribution of women leaders in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and also stimulating discussions and debating on the issues related to the implication of women in STEM fields.
This event also aims at inspiring, motivating and encouraging young girls to get involved in all aspects of STEM and develop leadership competencies through useful and valuable advice of professional career coaches.

Women in STEM's organizing committee is pleased to receive the following distinguished academic and industrial speakers for this event:

  • Dr. Amy PINCHUK, Chair of IEEE Montreal Section, InField Scientific Inc.
  • Dr. Rana FARAH, Computer Vision Scientist, Polytechnique Montreal.
  • Mrs. Petula GUIMARAES, Associate Producer at TouchTunes Interactive Networks.

Dr. Amy Pinchuk is the president and founder of InField Scientific Inc. InField specializes in electromagnetic compatibility and interference (EMC/EMI), electromagnetic environmental effects (E3), Radiation Hazards (RADHAZ), and computational electromagnetic analysis. For the past twenty years, the company's primary focus has been electromagnetic analysis, EMI troubleshooting, and testing of military shipboard environments primarily as a subcontractor to major defence companies, for the Royal Canadian Navy and for the New Zealand Royal Navy. For a number of years, Dr. Pinchuk taught short courses on EMC/EMI/E3 and computational electromagnetics to civilian and military audiences of all levels. She has also taught a Software Engineering course at McGill University. She received her Ph. D. (1988), M. Eng. (1985) and B. Eng. (1983) from McGill University under the supervision of Dr. Peter Silvester. She was a visiting scholar at Cambridge University in England (1985). Dr. Pinchuk has served on the organizing committee of many International IEEE EMC Symposiums and is a founder and Chair of the IEEE EMC Symposium Youth Technical Program. She was also a member of the IEEE EMC Society Board of Directors, was the Canadian Chair for URSI Section B, is the current IEEE Montreal Section Chair and Chair of the Montreal IEEE EMC Chapter, and is also the author of several children's books which focus on engineering for youngsters.

Dr. Rana Farah is a computer vision scientist. She is currently a post-doctoral fellow at the LIV4D lab at the Department of Computer and Software Engineering at Polytechnique. She works on hyperspectral biomedical image processing. Her project is in collaboration with Optina, a company that builds hyperspectral retinal cameras and supports corresponding research. She is also working under the supervision of Dr. Farida Sheriet and Dr. Frédéric Lesage. Dr. Farah received a BE. in Electrical Engineering and an MS. in Computer Science from the Lebanese American University. During her Ms. she applied methaheuristic on hardware related problems. She was under the supervision of Dr. Haidar Harmanani. She also received a Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from École Polytechnique de Montréal. During her Ph.D., she worked on a Computer Vision project under the supervision of Dr. Pierre Langlois and Dr. Guillaume-Alexandre Bilodeau. Her Ph.D. mostly involved tracking and behavior recognition. After her Ph.D., Drs. Farah became a post-doctoral fellow at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. She worked under the supervision of Dr. Junghoon Lee. Her post-doctoral work was on lung tumor motion management in radiation therapy.

Mrs. Petula Guimaraes has had a life of a chameleon in IT. However, it was in software development that she built a solid and passionate career, where she played a multitude of roles. Nowadays what really sparks a light in her heart is the world of Agile, through which she can explore her potential not only from a technical perspective but also from a human side. She was lucky to be able to work on several countries and in several domains. Today she works for TouchTunes, where she changes hats all the time, being their Agile Coach, Producer and Scrum Master as needed.

We are also delighted to receive Mrs. Meriem Mendili, a professional career coach specialized in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Mrs. Meriem Mendili is the president and founder of Coach PNL sans frontières Inc. She is a professional career coach specialized in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). She is also a manager at the Port of Montreal and Trois Rivières since 26 years. Through her lectures and workshops, she continues to carry out research on the functioning of the human being by following regular training courses in neuroscience and emotional intelligence.