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Computer Services


Code d'accès unique

Changing your password


You can change your user ID password by logging in to the student portal.


When you change your password, remember to change your modem access password as well. The new password will take effect immediately for the student portal and within 30 minutes following the change for all other services. Note that if you have set up your computer to remember your old password (for example, for accessing your e-mail automatically), you will need to enter the new password manually.

Faculty and staff

To change the password for your user ID (pmatricule), log into the user ID administration site (instructions). Note that you need to enable JavaScript and cookies in your browser to use this site.

The new password will take effect immediately for access to the user ID administration site,and within 30 minutes following the change for all other systems authenticated through this database.

The new password must meet the following criteria :

  • Must contain at least 2 non-numerical characters;
  • Must not contain a numerical sequence;
  • Must be longer than 5 characters;
  • Must be no longer than 8 characters.


When you change your e-mail user ID password, it will affect your access to a number of other services like the teaching labs, institutional modems, VPN, external resources, LDAP directory, library proxy server, intranet, Wi-Fi network, and so on.

With regard to certain services, please note the following :

  • Polytechnique’s modems: the dial-up script needs to be disabled. To do so, you need to create a new connection by following the instructions at the following link: Windows XP. You also need to delete the old connection by following the steps below::
    • Click on Démarrer;
    • Select the option Paramètres;
    • Click on Panneau de configuration;
    • Double-click on the Connexions réseau icon;
    • Right-click on the old connection;
    • Select Supprimer;
    • Click on Oui.
  • LDAP directory in Thunderbird: the next time you search for an e-mail address, Thunderbird will prompt you to enter your new password. You can have the system remember your password by putting a checkmark beside Utiliser le gestionnaire de mots de passe pour retenir ce mot de passe.


  • LDAP directory in Outlook 2007: the next time you search for an e-mail address, Outlook 2007 will display the following error messages :

Échec de la connexion à “ldap.polymtl.ca” suite à une authentification non valide. Vérifiez la validité du nom d'utilisateur et du mot de passe entrés sur la page de configuration Microsoft LDAP pour le compte “ldap.polymtl.ca.”

 [Failure to connect to “ldap.polymtl.ca” due to invalid authentication. Verify the username and password used for “ldap.polymtl.ca” on the Microsoft LDAP configuration page.]
Impossible de terminer la recherche. [Impossible to execute the search]

Impossible de terminer l'action/Impossible de terminer la recherche. MAPI_E_CALL_FAILED. [Impossible to execute command/Impossible to execute search]

Users must carry out the following steps to activate the LDAP directory in Outlook 2007 :

  • Outil\Paramètres under Menu;
  • Carnet d’adresses tab (last tab);
  • Double-click on the LDAP directory;
  • Enter your new password;
  • Click on Suivant then Terminer.
  • VPN service: Enter the new password, then click on Se connecter. If you enter the wrong password, close the window and start again.


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