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Groupe d'analyse nucléaire

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Research Specification

Our research program is divided into three main components.
1. Lattice Calculations
The main research projects related to lattice calculations are the following: treatment of nuclear evaluations, development of resonance self-shielding models, leakage calculations and homogenization techniques; application of generalized perturbation methods to transport theory; development of the characteristics method; and development of parallel algorithms for the solution of the transport equation and code vectorization.
2. Kinetics and Finite Reactor Calculations
Here, the main research projects are: the development of finite elements discretization methods; the full core modeling of reactors in transport using the Pn and SPn techniques; the development of space-time kinetics calculation techniques and implementation of time dependent discontinuity factors in order to improve the precision obtained using coarse mesh calculations.
3. Reactor Simulations
Using the software developed for lattice and finite reactor calculations a large number of reactor simulations have been undertaken including: modeling next generation reactors; fuel cycle analysis; fuel optimization using generalized perturbation theory, mathematical programming and genetic algorithms; core follow-up studies for nuclear reactor.

Research Personnel

  • Professors/Researchers: 2
  • Graduate Students: 12

Specialized Equipments

Computer network including parallel machines.

External Sources of Funding

Hydro-Québec; NSERC (Natural Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada); Atomic Energy of Canada Limited; the Canadien Nuclear Safety Commission


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