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Tightness Testing and Research Laboratory (TTRL)

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The Tightness Testing and Research Laboratory (TTRL) is staffed by a group of registered professional engineers and professors of École Polytechnique de Montréal. Since 1976, TTRL has performed pioneering experimental work in the field of static fluid sealing for gasketed bolted flanged joints and other pressurized components. Since its first operation, a fundamental understanding of static seal behavior has been sought and achieved and a new technology for qualifying sealing products for room or elevated temperature has emerged from these efforts. With the assistance of the Industrial Organization (CDT) of École Polytechnique, TTRL offers a wide variety of certified tests and qualification services to users and producers of gaskets and other static sealing devices. It is an unbiased and independent facility which assists gasket users with the development of gasket specifications, provides gasket producers with the evaluation and certification of their products and serves to troubleshoot failures, resolve disputes and support litigation. Major multifactorial test programs based on statistical design of experiments can be tailored to client needs as well.

TTRL is also experienced with the laboratory measurement of fugitive emissions for a variety of sealing products and fluids (Propane, Methane, Argon, Helium, Nitrogen, Air) and can measure Helium ppm concentrations with a mass spectrometer for correlation with actual leakage. TTRL is extending this know-how to valves of all type and other piping equipment to better serve those concerned with existing and pending Clean Air Regulations for emissions reduction.

TTRL offers a blend of skilled staff, know-how and test equipment that is unique in North America for this specialized type of work.

TTRL is proud that its developmental work on gasket constants (thru Pressure Vessel Research Committee sponsorship) is being considered for ASTM standardization and for incorporation in the ASME Pressure Vessel Code likewise the qualification scheme developments (sponsored by the Material Testing Institute) are gaining acceptance by informed users and producers.

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Research Personnel

  • Graduate Students: 8
  • Research Assistants and Technicians: 3

Specialized Equipments

Scanning load and gasket geometry (ambient tightness rig, hot tightness rig, servo hydraulic testing machine). TempeTests temperature (mechanical tests, tightness tests). Tests ovens (2 programmable ovens, 5 still air ovens, 2 circulating air ovens). Weight measurement (1 balance to 0.01 g, 1 balance to 0.001 g). Leak Measurement (mass spectrometer, pressure change techniques). Compressive stress distribution measurement (DynaForce System). Electron microscope (JSM-T300).

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