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Biomechanics and Biomaterials Research Group (GRBB)

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Research Specification

The Group's interests are related to the following subjects:
a) modeling of the human scoliotic spine, 3D analysis of scoliosis surgery, development of a refined lumbar spine model allowing high levels of simulation;
b) design of a new 3D action brace for idiopathic scoliosis correction;
c) development of the first computer-assisted designed prosthetic foot with 3D energy restitution capabilities;
d) modeling of the knee joint and of the articular tissues;
e) muscular coordination and upper-limb movement control;
f) biomedical image segmentation and tomographic image resolution enhancement;
g) spectral and time-domain analysis of electromyographic signals (in normal as well as hemiplegic subjects) and modeling of electromyographic signals;
h) design and manufacture of personalized prostheses;
i) biomaterials (shape memory alloys, biodegradable polymers, ceramics, surface treatment and surface analysis, enhanced corrosion resistance and biocompatibility);
j) development of a virtual-reality surgical planning system to improve accuracy and assist surgeons during bone-screw implant procedures;
k) investigation of mechanical and biochemical stimulation of wound healing and tissue regeneration;
l) investigation of the mechanical behavior of cartilage-like matrices and the influence of mechanical factors on cell and tissue behavior;
m) mechanical analysis of bone (osteroporosis).

Research Personnel

  • Professors/Researchers: 5
  • Graduate Students: 50
  • Postdoctoral Fellows: 3
  • Research Assistants and Technicians: 6

Specialized Equipments

Cell-culture apparatus; spine model; precise custom apparatus compression of cartilage-like matrices; 5 UNIX silicon graphics workstations; 1 vitrodyne; 1 material testing system 858 bionix.

External Sources of Funding

CIHR, NSERC, FQRNT, FRSQ, IRSST, Arthritis Society, AO-ASIF Foundation, ME Muller Foundation, Orthobiom, Imago, Memometal, Caisse Régionale d'Ass. Maladie de l'Ile de France (CRAMIF), Biorthex, PSIR-ETS, Howmedica, Biorecherche, Nitinol Devices & Components Inc.


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