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Centre for Research in Computational Thermochemistry (CRCT)

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Research Specification

The goals of the Centre are to develop models that describe the thermochemical properties of various types of solutions; techniques for estimating phase diagrams and predicting multicomponent phase equilibria; and methods for calculating complex chemical equilibria. These activities find application in a wide variety of fields, such as : metallurgy, ceramics, geochemistry, petrochemistry, organic chemistry, electrochemistry, corrosion and energy.
The Centre also maintains and operates the F*A*C*T (Facility for the Analysis of Chemical Thermodynamics) computing system, an integrated thermochemical database with a suite of programs.
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Research Personnel

  • Professors/Researchers: 7
  • Graduate Students: 6
  • Research Assistants and Technicians: 4

External Sources of Funding

NSERC, FQRNT, sales of software, contracts (POSCO, RioTinto, Alcoa, Alcan, Norsk-Hydro, GM, Shell, Teck Cominco, INCO, Dupont, and others).


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