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NSERC Industrial Chair on Drinking Water

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Research Specification

The research activities of the Chair focus on biological treatment, disinfection by-products, quality in distribution systems (regrowth and corrosion), treatment processes for small communities.
The Chair's research activities are performed in full-scale drinking-water treatment plants (100,000 to 1,400,000 m3/d) or in pilot-scale facilities (20 to 400 m3/d) to provide industry with operational and design criteria for treatment processes in order to meet future water quality requirements.
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Research Personnel

  • Professors/Researchers: 5
  • Graduate Students: 32
  • Postdoctoral Fellows: 3
  • Research Assistants and Technicians: 3

Specialized Equipments

GC; HPLC; scintillator; TOX meter; TOC meters; capillary electrophoresis; GCFTIR; fluorescence microscopy.

External Sources of Funding

  • City of Montreal
  • City of Laval
  • Veolia
  • City of Repentigny



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