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Images and video processing laboratory


Research Specification

Video surveillance Visible/infrared registration Object tracking Visible/infrared stereoscopy Thermographic image analysis Medical applications of computer vision Content-based image retrieval Object recognition Figure/ground segmentation Part-based modeling

Research Personnel

  • Professors/Researchers: 1
  • Graduate Students: 8
  • Research Assistants and Technicians: 1

Specialized Equipments

(4x) Sony DFW-SX910 cameras (1x) Sony XCD-710CR camera (1x) IP PTZ camera Sony SNC-RZ25N (1x) IP camera PTZ Sony SNC-RZ50N (1x) IP camera Sony SNC-CS11 (1x) IP camera Sony SNC-CS50N (2x) FLIR Thermovision A40V (infrared) (2x) FLIR Thermovision A40M (infrared) (1x) FLIR Thermovision A10 (infrared) (1x) Caméra Mikroscan M7500 (infrared) (4x) M-Audio Pre-Amps USB (4x) Shure SM58 microphones

External Sources of Funding



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