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Research Chair on evaluation and implementation of sustainability in transportation (MOBILITÉ Chair)

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The mission of the MOBILITÉ Chair is to contribute to the advancement  of knowledge, to methodological development, to modelling and to the training of highly qualified personnel who can assess the contributions of transportation projects, policies and plans to sustainable development. The development of sustainable-mobility indicators, initially as a monitoring tool and later as a forecasting instrument, lies at the heart at this Chair's mission. The MOBILITÉ Chair seeks to be a hub for experimentation, research and development in methods and information for assessing projects' contributions to achieving behaviours and situations compatible 
with the vision of sustainable transportation in an urban setting.
Overall, the Research Chair has the primary goal of providing stakeholders with assessment mechanisms enabling them to quantitatively comprehend the impacts of various transportation choices, with a view to deciding and acting in accordance with current visions of sustainable development.
For the four institutional partners, the common goals related to establishment of this Chair are specifically to:
  • adopt rigorous, objective and transparent measurement indicators for guiding and monitoring transportation and strategic plans;
  • improve methods for analyzing and assessing mobility (measurement indicators);
  • enhancing the available base of information on the movement of people and goods;
  • help improve the practices of all bodies involved in organizing transportation in the metropolitan area.
In addition, the Chair aims to:
  • train specialists and highly qualified personnel and take part in the continuing education of employees in partner organizations;
  • structure and ensure the long-term development of a multidisciplinary hub for research and advanced training in the planning and modelling of urban transportation in Montréal.

Research Personnel

  • Professors/Researchers: 4
  • Graduate Students: 8

External Sources of Funding

  • The Ville de Montréal (Transportation Division),
  • Agence métropolitaine de transport (Mobility and Metropolitan Transportation Information Division)
  • Ministère des transports du Québec (Transportation Systems Modelling Service)
  • Société de transport de Montréal.


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