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Canada Research Chair in Fabricating Microsystems and Advanced Materials

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Many of today's high-tech products are approaching their technological limits. For example, the microelectronics industry is faced with overheating cell phones and tablets as consumers demand more compact designs and less power consumption; the aerospace industry wants lighter, stiffer, more conductive materials to create more energy-efficient aircraft.

A promising solution to these problems and others is to capitalize on the amazing properties of nanoscopic materials. But to make the most of these materials, which are smaller than a billionth of a meter, it's essential to resolve some processing and manufacturing challenges—particularly in terms of using nanoscopic properties at the industrial scale and developing a truly 3D production method. 3D printing—which turns 3D digital models into physical objects—has the potential to change the way we make everything from food and toys to complex aircraft components.

Dr. Daniel Therriault, Canada Research Chair in Fabrication of Advanced Microsystems and Materials, studies the entire span of high-end printing applications, from material design to fabrication. On the material side, he mixes nanoscopic materials inside different kinds of plastics (or polymers) to create new materials with greatly improved electrical and mechanical properties. On the manufacturing side, he pushes the boundaries of 3D printing by designing structures with freeform and extremely fine resolution features.

Therriault's research will help create revolutionary products for the aerospace, microelectronics and biomedicine industries using greener materials, and will contribute to the creation of greener aircraft.

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