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Canada Research Chair in High Performance Composite Design and Manufacturing

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The Canada Research Chair in High Performance Composites designs and manufactures polymer-matrix composite materials for use in high performance structural applications. Those high-performance composite materials are intended for the transportation industry to gain significant savings by reducing weights
Polymer-matrix composite materials make it possible to get significant reductions in weight. As a result, they are increasingly being used in the transportation industry, especially in the aeronautic and automotive sectors.
As Canada Research Chair in High Performance Composites, Dr. François Trochu has studied techniques to manufacture composites through resin transfer molding—that is, the injection of a reactive polymer into a closed and rigid mould reinforced with long glass or carbon fibres.
High-performance composites are traditionally made in an autoclave using fibre reinforcement that has been pre impregnated with resin. Since this technology is very costly, Trochu has strived to develop new manufacturing methods using flexible injection into a mould containing a deformable inner surface, so as to speed up the flow of resin and thereby shorten the manufacturing cycle.
His research has already led to the development of a new flexible injection process called Polyflex. This patent-pending technology makes it possible to manufacture high-quality composite parts up to 35 times faster than with the usual rigid injection method.
After being certified for use with aeronautical-class resins injected through three-dimensional woven carbon reinforcements, the Polyflex technology is now starting to be applied in the aeronautics industry for manufacturing composite structural parts.


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