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Photo of Abdellah Ajji

Abdellah Ajji

Department of Chemical Engineering


Research interests

Development of mutlilayer films for safe, smart and sustainable packaging.

Materials-Process-Structure-Performance relationships for films and fibers, crystalline morphology and structure in polymeric materials, characterization of the orientation in polymeric materials by a variety of technics and their comparison (FTIR, X rays, etc).

Fibers or nanofibers (by electrospinning) structures development for biomedical applications: tissular, vascular and nervous regeneration.

Porous films and fibers development for numerous applications (biomedical, filtration, separation, etc).

  • Films and fibers processes (blowing, killing, electrospinning, calendering).
  • Multilayer films and fibers
  • Electrospinning
  • Functional polymers
  • Nanocomposites
  • Porous membranes
  • Polymer structures for biomedical applications
  • Safe, smart and sustainable packaging

Research unit(s)

NSERC subjects

  • 1808 Rheology and processing
  • 3753 Properties of polymers
  • 1902 Biomedical materials


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